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Gdansk announces recruitment for the position of City Architect

03 of February '21

Changes are coming in Gdansk! The Mayor of Gdansk has decided to appoint a position of City Architect and has announced a recruitment for a vacant, managerial official position of Director of the Office of the City Architect/Architect of theCity. Applications are being accepted at the City Hall until February 16 this year.

As we read in the announcement posted in the Public Information Bulletin, candidates joining the recruitment should have:

  • a second degree in architecture or urban planning,
  • min. ten years of work experience or at least ten years of business activity of a nature consistent with the requirements of the position,
  • min. three years of work experience in a managerial position or documented three years of leading a team of employees,
  • min. three years of experience in the profession of an architect or urban planner,
  • knowledge of regulations to the extent necessary to perform the tasks of the above-mentioned position, in particular, legal acts in the field of - construction law, planning and spatial development, administrative proceedings, municipal and district self-government,
  • necessary personality predispositions - communicativeness, ability to lead and work in a team, meticulousness, commitment, ability to make decisions, availability, creativity, initiative and dynamism in action, high personal culture,
  • Polish citizenship,
  • an undisputed reputation,
  • no criminal record for crimes committed intentionally,
  • full legal capacity and exercise of full public rights.

Additional requirements listed - the ability to think strategically, formulate tasks and problems, knowledge of the functioning of public administration, knowledge of urbanization processes.

tasks of the City Architect

Directing the work of the Office of the City Architect of the City Hall in Gdansk, includes in particular the implementation of the following tasks:

  • searching for and creating innovative solutions, and tools in the form of strategic and directional documents in the spatial field, including programs, policies and models of the city, based on public consultations and good practices necessary in the process of urban-architectural development of the city,
  • conducting urban and architectural analyses for the city's selected investments, conducting public consultations in this regard,
  • issuing architectural and urban planning opinions for the needs of the Mayor, departments and organizational units of the city, as well as issuing opinions on proposed solutions, specifications of essential terms of order for designed city investments and investments planned or implemented by private investors under public-private partnerships,
  • Setting conditions, frameworks and guidelines for the implementation of projects aimed at ensuring harmonious development of the architecture of urban space,
  • To initiate dialogue and seek the best solutions for conflict/strategic areas in the development of urban space,
  • undertaking activities related to promotion and education, in particular, implementation of good practices in the development of the City and cooperation with the Council of Gdansk Investors,
  • Submitting proposals and comments, giving opinions on projects, participating in working meetings, including consultation and information meetings with residents,
  • Submitting applications for drawing up or amending local development plans in case such needs are identified,
  • Issuing opinions on terms of development and land use and construction permits for selected projects of significant importance to the city indicated by the Mayor or Deputy Mayor, including participation in negotiations with investors,
  • proposing and giving opinions on solutions to improve the aesthetics of urban objects and spaces;
  • Participation in the work of the Municipal Urban Planning and Architectural Commission,
  • initiating and organizing architectural and urban planning and architectural competitions organized by the city
  • Participation in debates, professional conferences related to urban and architectural planning in the city,
  • conducting the procedure related to the granting of targeted grants for work on historic buildings and their settlement,
  • Opinion on projects (documentation) and programs, in the field of protection of monuments, developed by the organizational units of the Office and organizational units of the city,
  • preparation of specialized opinions in the field of protection of monuments during administrative proceedings conducted by the organizational units of the Office and organizational units of the city at monuments owned by the city, as well as supervision of conservation works and construction works at monuments owned by the city,
  • Cooperation in conducting matters related to the creation of cultural parks,
  • Ensuring conditions for popularization and dissemination of knowledge about monuments, their importance for history and culture, including educational activities in the field of cultural heritage of Gdańsk,
  • keeping a communal register of immovable monuments located in the city,
  • keeping a list of contemporary cultural assets,
  • commissioning research and documentation works included in the Office's budget and exercising substantive supervision over them,
  • monitoring the state of preservation of monuments owned by the city,
  • drawing up a municipal program of care for monuments and reports on its implementation,
  • accepting notifications on the disclosure of an object that is presumed to be a monument and immediately forwarding the accepted notification to the Pomeranian Regional Monument Conservator,
  • issuing legitimacy and certificates for the function of social guardian of monuments,
  • performance of tasks related to the supervision of foundations carrying out tasks in the field of care of monuments.

Job specifics - willingness to work beyond the scope of basic duties and standard working hours.

Candidates are offered:

  • acontract of employment (the first contract of employment is concluded for a fixed term for a maximum of 6 months; after this period it is possible to conclude another contract of employment),
  • working hours full time (40 hours per week),
  • place of work: Gdansk,
  • remuneration: maximum PLN 9,000 gross (the quoted amount consists of basic salary and a function and seniority allowance),
  • seniority allowan ce (in accordance with the Act of November 21, 2008 on local government employees),
  • function allowan ce (in accordance with the Decree of the Council of Ministers of May 15, 2018 on the remuneration of local government employees),
  • additional annual remuneration, so called "thirteen" (in accordance with the Act of December 12, 1997 on additional annual remuneration for employees of budgetary sphere units),
  • Anticipated date of employment: March this year.

required documents

To participate in the recruitment, the following documents must be submitted in Polish:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV),
  • cover letter,
  • Concept of organization and functioning of the Office of the City Architect,
  • photocopy of the diploma of graduation,
  • Photocopies of employment certificates or a certificate from the current employer confirming the length of service,
    other documents confirming the required qualifications and skills;
  • a completed and signed statement in accordance with the template found on the website of the Municipal Office in Gdansk.

Documents should be submitted to the Municipal Office in Gdansk ul. Nowe Ogrody 8/12 - room no. 40 in closed envelopes or sent to: Municipal Office in Gdańsk ul. Nowe Ogrody 8/12 80-803 Gdańsk with the following annotation: "recruitment for the managerial official position: Director of the Office of the City Architect/City Architect" K16/21 within the period from February 02 to February 16 this year., the date of receipt of the offer to the Office is decisive.

Candidates who meet the requirements for the position will receive an invitation to participate in a recruitment interview, which will be held at the Office or using MS Teams application. Qualified persons will be informed in advance of organizational details.

Details and the RODO clause are available in the announcements section of our portal.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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