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Gdańsk's tenement dazzles. It is the narrowest in the Lower Town

14 of November '23

The renovation of a unique 19th-century tenement at Łąkowa 18 is another brick added to the changes taking place in the Lower Town in Gdańsk.

Repairs to road and sidewalk surfaces, restoration of buildings, new small architecture—these activities are bringing ever better results to the Lower Town space, all thanks to the ongoing municipal revitalization.

Finally, it's also the turn of the building at Łąkowa 18 St. It's one of those tenements that's hard to pass by indifferently—it's the narrowest in the Lower City. The building has just undergone thermal modernization as part of the so-called Integrated Territorial Investments program. A total of 26 buildings will be transformed in this way—in the Lower City, Oliwa, Biskupia Górka and Nowy Port. Work on 13 buildings is already underway.

Thorough renovation of a 19th-century tenement house

This is a beautiful 19th-century tenement, which, thanks to EU funding, has just regained its former splendor. The cost of this investment is nearly PLN 2.3 million. Thanks to this money it was possible to comprehensively renovate the entire building," says Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, mayor of Gdańsk.

There are apartments here, which will eventually house four Gdańsk families. The building has been rebuilt and insulated, the roof structure has been replaced, the window woodwork has been renewed, the staircase and the apartments have been renovated. In addition to the necessary structural, installation and these finishing works, the energy efficiency of the building was also increased. The project was designed by Studio Kwadrat B.P.Jurago S.C, and the contractor was ZBD Marek Plechowski.

millions for building renovations

The value of the Integrated Territorial Investments program, energy modernization of residential buildings and public facilities belonging to the municipality is more than PLN 113 million, of which EU funding is more than PLN 20 million.

The development of the district in the coming years is also to be driven by private capital. In 2019. Gdańsk signed a public-private partnership agreement with an investor, the company GGI Dolne Miasto (behind which is the developer Euro Styl). It selected 17 locations where the company will carry out public investments worth PLN 51 million, including the revitalization of the Motława waterfront, the construction of streets and bike paths, and the construction of a public kindergarten. In return, in as many as 15 locations—on city land—the developer will erect commercial investments, i.e. apartments and services.

Ewa Karendys

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