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Gdynia modernism in the lens - photo contest

04 of August '20

We invite you to participate in the 10th anniversary edition of the photo contest "Gdynia Modernism in Lens" organized by the City of Gdynia. The purpose of the competition is to promote the aesthetic, architectural and historical qualities of Gdynia and modernist architecture, including the Gdynia Modernism Route.

In this year's edition, the organizers have provided for 6 competition categories, all of which are related to architecture:

  • Form and Light - geometry, symmetry and asymmetry in modernist architecture in Gdynia, as well as the play of chiaroscuro, both interiors and masses, architecture at different times of the day (possible series of several photographs),
  • Detail of Modernism - detail in modernist architecture in Gdynia, including mainly interwar architecture. In this category, the organizers expect to receive works with frames of windows, entrance portals, including doors, railings, details of balconies, floors and staircase lamellas, textures of plaster and elevations, original elements of interior design,
  • Modernist Abrahama and Lipowa Streets - architecture in the area of Abrahama Streets, including a section of the current Wladyslaw IV Street (up to number 61) and the former Lipowa Street, the current street of Soldiers of the 1st Polish Army,
  • Modernism on the move - modernist architecture from outside Gdynia, the indicated period is the 20th century to the late 1970s (it is necessary to specify the place where the photograph was taken),
  • Portrait of a modernist tenement house - or public building from the 1920s to 1930s associated with Gdynia modernism. Taking a series (from 3 to 5) of photographs of one selected, object, being its portrait, photographic impression, story of Gdynia architecture. Different shots and frames are possible, both background, interiors, selected details, artifacts, as well as, for example, residents, owners.
  • Life of the City - documentation of the life of the modern city, including found activities of residents against the background of local architecture and public spaces of the cities (e.g. squares, parks, squares, alleys, sidewalks, woonerf).

Participants may submit a maximum of 5 photographs in each of the above competition categories.

competition jury

Evaluation of the submitted works will be carried out by a jury composed of:

  • Maurycy Śmierzchalski- photographer, educator, founder and director of Frames Studio of Photography in Gdynia,
  • Elwira Kruszelnicka - photographer, multiple winner of GMO competitions, national ZPAF competitions,
  • Ivo Ledwożyw - photographer, lecturer at the WFH Sopot School of Photography,
  • Przemyslaw Kozlowski - curator of competition exhibitions, longtime photographer of Gdynia modernism,
  • Jacek Debis - representative of the organizer, co-founder of the GMO competition,
  • Witold Okun - secretary of the competition.

competition calendar and exhibition

The organizers have provided for cash prizes, honorable mentions and the Audience Award. The works of the awarded contestants and those selected by the jury will be published on the organizers' website and will participate in a post-competition photographic exhibition during the Weekend of Architecture from August 27 - 30 this year, as well as in a series of at least three group exhibitions of the Gdynia Modernism Route in September 2020 - April 2021.

  • deadline for submitting works: until August 17 this year.
  • address: applications can be sent by regular mail to: Agencja Rozwoju Gdyni Sp. z o.o., pl. Grunwaldzki 2, 81-372 Gdynia, or by email to:
  • adjudication: August 27 this year.

For more information, rules and regulations and an application form, visit the contest website.

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