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House overlooking the Baltic Sea by Arch-Deco office

04 of August '20
Technical data
Name: House on the boulevard
Client: private
Location: Poland, Gdynia
Project: Arch-Deco Sp. z o.o.
Design team: Zbigniew Reszka, Michał Baryżewski, Anna Trzcińska, Oskar Berent, Ewa Baranowska, Anna Czech, Magdalena Rosowska
Area: 800 m²
Photographs: Andrzej Łopata
Project: 2013
Status: Completed

Above the Feliks Nowowiejski Seaside Boulevard in Gdynia stands an unusual single-family house known as the Boulevard House. The structure overlooking the Baltic Sea was created by architects from the Arch-Deco design office in Gdynia.

The house was built at the foot of the Kamienna Gora villa district and in close proximity to one of the two main entrances to Gdynia's boulevard. The 800-square-meter building was designed to best, fit into the existing surroundings of the coastal strip and naturally formed slopes. Its mass is also a reference to the neighboring building - a traditional in terms of scale and form house under conservation protection at 8 Prusa Street.

Dom nad bulwarem

The body of the building consists of three parts

Photo: Andrzej Łopata © Arch-Deco

According to Zbigniew Reszka, president of Arch-Deco:

When designing the single-family house on Bolesława Prusa Street in Gdynia, we were looking for a form that would most accurately bring out the potential of the place. We wanted the object to respect the existing landscape, to blend in with it.

View of Gdansk Bay

The body of the building consists of three parts shifted in relation to each other so that as many rooms and terraces as possible overlook the Gulf of Gdansk. Two of them are covered by roofs with an angle of 45 degrees, which resulted from the provisions of the Local Development Plan. The third is a cuboidal, glazed orangery, visually blending into the naturally formed slope. This is facilitated by the plasticity and flexibility of the Corian facade material, with which the walls and roof are covered.

Dom nad bulwarem.
Widok na Zatokę Gdańską

A view of the Gdansk Bay

Photo: Andrzej Łopata © Arch-Deco

Themain entrancewith a spacious corridor leads through level -1. On its left side there is an exhibition of antique cars, while on the right side there is access to the garage and currently used vehicles. An additional feature of this floor is a spacious gym and sauna complex, which is connected to the pool through a winding staircase. A panoramic glass elevator leads to the first floor, where the living area of the house is located.

Surrounded by greenery

The rooms of the living part of the house are situated according to the sides of the world. The owner's study is adjacent to the winter garden. The spacious terrace, accessible from the living room, is also an external passage to the indoor pool. A pergola stretches above it. Thanks to the use of sliding glazing, the pool, living room and terrace form a lounge space in summer. Above the living room area, an opening in the ceiling was designed to connect the two floors. There is also a guest room with a small bathroom, which is accessed from the main hall. The introduction of large glazing invites the surrounding greenery into the house.

Rzut piętra,

The +1 level is the private zone of the householders

© Arch-Deco

A spacious staircase overlooking the sea leads to the first floor. The +1 level is the part with bedrooms intended mainly for the householders. Two zones have been separated there: parents and children. In the first of them, along the entire elevation on the side of the coastal range, glazing was designed. There is a bedroom with a dressing room, a bathroom and a small study. In the children's zone, the architects created two bedrooms with access to a balcony on the south side and a common playroom overlooking the winter garden and part of the living room.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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