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Grand Tower in Frankfurt

13 of October '20

Grand Tower in Frankfurt with UPONOR installation systems

The Grand Tower is not only an impressive and designer building on the map of Frankfurt. It is first and foremost the tallest residential complex in Germany, which provides comfortable living conditions through the use of modern solutions, including advanced installation systems.

Uponor systems

The 47-story apartment building is all about luxury, elegant finishes and breathtaking, panoramic views available from every side of the tower. However, the highest standard of the Grand Tower is also determined by the technologies used, which make the use of the building convenient and simple without any negative impact on the environment. One such system is space heating and cooling from the Finnish manufacturer, Uponor.

Such large and prestigious realizations are not only a challenge for designers and architects, but also for contractors, who face many obstacles, such as the extreme specificity of the premises (e.g., apartments, commercial premises), huge volume or pressing deadlines. Our solutions were used in the project not only because they 100% meet the high requirements of the investors, but also provide full complexity during installation, as well as speed and convenience of installation. In addition, at Uponor we take a flexible approach to each implementation, modifying and customizing products to meet the individual needs of the project. This was also the case now, when in the initial phase of the work we had to deliver ten residential stations to the construction site each work week," emphasizes Piotr Serafin, technical expert from Uponor Polska.

Stacje mieszkaniowe UPONOR

UPONOR residential stations

UPONOR residential stations

Residential stations have been installed in the Grand Tower, which are responsible for transporting heat and cooling to the living areas. By separating the primary and secondary heating and cooling circuits, each resident is able to individually and precisely regulate the temperature in the apartment.

Such installations and buildings require solutions that ensure the safety not only of the users, but also of the entire structure, which is why our team of experts from the German branch decided to separate the living area from the other rooms. This way, in the event of a system failure, the source of the problem can be quickly located, without leading to the immobilization of the entire building," adds Piotr Serafin.

Wieżowiec Grand Tower

Grand Tower skyscraper


The Grand Tower skyscraper is located in a prestigious part of Frankfurt. More than 400 luxury apartments and penthouses are available to tenants. Construction of the complex was completed in 2020, and the project has received numerous international awards, such as the German Design Award and the International Property Award 2017.

For more nformation, visit the company's Uponor Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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