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Tradition and modernity in one. A house with a veranda designed by architects from Ggrupa studio

11 of August '20
Technical data
Name: House with veranda, single-family house project for a family of 2+2
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Falenty
Project: Ggrupa
Design team: Mateusz Frankowski, Paweł Lipiński, Fryderyk Graniczny


  • design
  • implementation



220 m²

A modern single-family home often brings to mind a simple body, minimalist interiors and large, open spaces. But what if an investor dreams of a modern house, which at the same time will be thoroughly traditional, full of cozy nooks and crannies? See how architects from Warsaw-based studio Ggrupa handled this challenge.

The house for a young couple with two children was designed on a plot in the village of Falenty near Warsaw. The block, shaped like a simplified barn with a veranda, houses - in addition to the classic functional program of the house - a workshop, a study with two computer workstations, a sauna and a two-car garage. The division of the house into a barn and a relaxing veranda allowed the living room space to be separated from the rest of the living area located on the first floor. On the first floor was located the night zone with the parents' bedroom, two symmetrical children's rooms, a workshop, a dressing room and a bathroom.

bryła domu

body of the house

© Ggrupa

The form and character of the house result from the design guidelines presented to us by the investors. The wabi-sabi style, the form of a modern barn and the reluctance to have a completely open lounge area were the main goals we had to meet when designing this house," write the architects from Ggrupa studio.

The architects also designed the interior of the house, which is kept in a warm color scheme of beiges, grays and browns.

wnętrze domu, wizualizacja sypialnia

interior of the house

© Ggrupa

Ola Kloc: What was the priority for the investors?

Mateusz Frankowski: The house for a couple with two children was to be more than two hundred square meters in size and prepared to accommodate a large number of guests. Despite its large size, the house was to be natural, warm and cozy.

Ola: What was the biggest challenge in this project?

Matthew: The lady investor doesn't like open spaces, she wanted a house full of nooks and crannies, and we usually try to simplify and open up the projection. It was a big challenge for us to abandon learned patterns and plan the house in this non-obvious way. The result surprised us with its charm.

rzut parteru rzut 1. piętra

first floor and first floor projections

© Ggrupa

Ola: The construction of the house will use bricks, bituminous tiles and wooden window frames, what made you decide to choose such materials?

Matthew: The house was to be modern and traditional at the same time. We looked for modernity in a simple, detail-free body. So the finishing materials should be traditional and warm in perception - wood and brick seemed to be an obvious choice for us. Bituminous tile is a neutral, inexpensive and lightweight material that simply fits in with the rest.

Ola Kloc

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