Isover campaign "Better Without Smog" awarded in Golden Clips competition

08 of February '21

ISOVER the only manufacturer from the construction industry among the awardees.

ISOVER's social campaign, which supports government programs for thermal modernization and educates about its role in the fight against smog, was awarded in the 18th edition of the Golden Clips competition, in the "Real Estate, Construction, Home and Interior" category. ISOVER is the only manufacturer from the construction industry awarded in the competition. Recall that the chapter evaluated as many as 394 projects.

The "Better Without Smog" initiative was launched in 2019 and continued in 2020. The ISOVER brand, a manufacturer of glass and rock wool insulation materials, invited ambassadors: Kamil Stoch, Anka Dziedzic, Antonio Lindback and Beata Sadowska. The campaign was based on a clear message emphasized by a non-standard form of action.


From graffiti to calculator

From the very beginning of the campaign, the ambassadors encouraged in viral videos to fight together for clean air. In turn, on the streets of the cities, clean ads, or graffiti inscriptions made with water on dirty walls, with the slogan "Better without Smog" made passersby in Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Poznan, Lodz, Katowice aware of how polluted the air around them is. The campaign was complemented by the educational platform, the report "Poland Insulated" and many other useful tools, such as combustion calculators and the e-book "Thermal insulation - profit for you and the environment." Facebook and Instagram profiles were created for the campaign, which helped engage the online community in the campaign.


- In Poland, about 4 million homes out of 5.5 million require energy efficiency improvements. Meanwhile, in the public debate, smog and its negative consequences are often encapsulated only in a narrative of danger. We constantly heard warnings against leaving the house or orders to replace the stove. There was a lack of positive communication, describing the multifaceted benefits of thermal modernization for our health, environment and wallet. An action indicating what specifically we should do, raising the energy standard of the house: what order to plan the work, which stages of modernization are crucial, with whose help to act, and when to do the work ourselves. In the Better Without Smog campaign, we focused on demonstrating a proactive approach and solutions that make a real difference to air quality. We managed to draw attention in a short period of time to the importance of insulating buildings in the context of the fight against smog and make it an important thread of public debate. We will continue our communication activities in this area so that more and more homeowners, future investors and developers pay attention to the issue of thermal comfort, environmental protection, but also the economic aspect of insulating the house," says Anna Kozera, ISOVER Brand Coordinator, responsible for the implementation of the award-winning campaign. - In the case of "Better Without Smog", the messages are directed broadly, to all people affected by the problem of smog. It is not easy to convince the public that an insulating material that is usually invisible to the eye can play such a big role in the air purification process. However, we hope that our activities will contribute to the popularization of programs for thermal modernization and energy-efficient construction.

Beata Sadowska, journalist and presenter, at #Studio Better Without Smog



The second edition of the Better Without Smog campaign was launched at the end of 2020. Beata Sadowska, journalist and presenter, and promoter of eco lifestyle, was involved in the project. In #Studio Better Without Smog, she interviews ISOVER experts about the contribution of residential construction to smog and the available ways to solve the problem. Moving from small to big steps, the guests of #Studio Better Without Smog show a complete strategy for fighting smog, in which government programs such as "Clean Air 2.0" are applied. The videos prepared with ISOVER experts can be viewed on the company's YouTube channel.

The Golden Clips competition sets standards in the public relations industry and its related fields. Every year the chapter awards campaigns and communication projects that stand out for their creativity, effectiveness, excellent execution and professionalism. This year, out of a record 394 entries, the jury selected and awarded 21 Gold, 32 Silver and 26 Bronze Clips, in a total of 33 categories.

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