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Kinga Zemla on studying in Stockholm

02 of March '20

Kinga Zemla talks about studying at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Listen to what classes are like at this university, why grades are not given there and what attitude Swedes have towards education.

Kinga Zemla

Architect originally from Oświęcim. She studied at the Faculty of Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology, as well as TU Delft in the Netherlands. She had an architectural internship at the Spanish studio Equipo Olivares Arquitectos. She worked for a year at the Swedish urban planning office Mandaworks. She is currently completing her master's degree in architecture at the Royal University of Technology in Stockholm (KTH). She tries to combine architecture with her passion for writing. She is a winner of the "Theory" competition of the Stefan Kurylowicz Foundation, and her texts have so far appeared in "Builder", "Architecture & Business", "Zawodu: Architect" and "Przekrój".

scope of the podcast

What do you see as the main educational differences between the Polish university and the one you studied at?
What is the atmosphere at the university and faculty, what conditions does the university offer?
What is student life like, how much time is taken up by studying and activities at the university, and how much is for pursuing your own passions and social life?
What are the prospects after graduating from university?

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From the podcast series titled: "All about education - the best universities".

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