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Technology-connected kitchen

02 of August '20

Modern kitchens are increasingly open. Sometimes they are located in the middle of the living room or in other spaces that are not so typical - in the attic or basement. Arranging an arrangement that looks unique and meets kitchen requirements can be a challenge. Siemens appliances combine these two aspects by offering a superior design that will transform any kitchen.

Unlimited cooking

Thecooktop with integrated extractor simultaneously features heating and odor absorption. Perfect design is combined with modern technology. The powerBoost function increases power by up to 50%. This can save up to 35% of the time needed to heat up pots or cook large amounts of food. The 80-centimeter EX875LX67E hob guarantees unlimited possibilities and provides great flexibility. Also thanks to the flexInduction function, which adjusts the cooking fields to accommodate cookware up to 24 cm in diameter - for more freedom.

Fast cooking

The 4D thermo-circulation, fast heating or coolStart - the tailored systems available in the HB676G5S6 stainless steel oven for the most demanding users - will allow you to prepare perfect dishes effortlessly. The 4D thermo-circulation guarantees perfectly baked dishes regardless of the position of the baking tray. The innovative fan drive technology evenly distributes warm air inside the oven. Quick Preheat and CoolStart will save you time. With these functions, the oven will heat up extremely quickly - without excessive energy consumption. Defrost, reheat or prepare frozen dishes even faster.

Convenient storage

The solutions used in the KG49NAXDP refrigerator-freezer allow you to safely store food while preserving its freshness. Pull-out glass shelves, large drawers with hyperFresh technology or a bottle rack will ensure the comfort of storing fruits, vegetables, meats, fish or large dishes. Differences in outside temperatures and frequent opening of the refrigerator door cause temperature changes inside. The intelligent sensors of the freshSense system immediately react to temperature changes and take control of cooling. Siemens refrigerators are modern and adapt to each user.

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The fast, time-saving programs of Siemens appliances promote the enjoyment of life, allowing users to enjoy leisurely moments, and Home Connect technology will make your home smart and customized. Connect to your appliances from anywhere in the world - wherever you are and whenever you want. Take a peek inside the refrigerator while you're at the store, preheat the oven before you get home, and discover new culinary inspiration with recipes included in the Home Connect app.

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