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Krakow Music Center, competition decided!

22 of December '20

On December 22 this year, during an online conference, we announced the results of the realization of the architectural and urban planning competition for the design of the Krakow Music Center building. This is the second competition for the design of the KCM - the first one was held in 2018, but the implementation of the winning work did not take place. This time the Krakow City Development Agency, in cooperation with the SARP Krakow Branch , created an international competition, and chose Cichy Kącik as the location for the new building.

Krakow has returned to an idea from years ago and wants to build a modern concert hall that meets modern standards on the site of Cichy Kącik. The idea of building the Krakow Music Center is to create a complex that will use the world's best urban planning, architectural, acoustic and functional solutions.

Forty-two participants were invited to the two-stage competition , and 25 studies were submitted for the first part. Three teams were invited to the second stage.

Evaluation of the projects was carried out by the Competition Jury, consisting of:

  • Krzysztof Kiendra - Municipal Urban Planning and Architectural Commission, chairman judge,
  • Jacek Lenart - SARP Szczecin Branch, deputy chairman judge,
  • Marcin Brataniec - SARP Krakow Branch, referee,
  • Jerzy Muzyk - 2nd Deputy Mayor of the City of Cracow for Sustainable Development,
  • Andrzej Bulanda - SARP Warsaw Branch,
  • Tomasz Bobrowski - Chief Architect of the City of Krakow,
  • Borysław Czarakcziew - City Urban Planning and Architectural Commission,
  • Przemo Łukasik - representative of the ordering party,
  • Jan Tomasz Adamus - director of Capella Cracoviensis,
  • Piotr Chuchacz - Malopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland,
  • Marcin Charciarek - SARP Krakow Branch, substitute for competition judges,
  • Witold Gilewicz - representative of the contracting authority, deputy competition judges,
  • Marek Szeniawski - SARP Warsaw Branch, organizing secretary of the competition,
  • Benita Strzałka - SARP Branch Krakow, assistant secretary of the competition.

The results were announced during a morning conference by Mayor Jacek Majchrowski, Jerzy Muzyka (Deputy Mayor of the City of Krakow) and Marek Kaszynski (President of SARP Krakow).

I nagroda, Krakowskie
Centrum Muzyki

First prize, proj.: BE DDJM Architects - Jarosław Kutniowski, Marek Dunikowski, Aleksandra Dzienniak, Mateusz Dudek

© BE DDJM Architects

First prize

The Competition Jury decided that the first place will be given to the project by the Cracow studio BE DDJM Architekci - Jarosław Kutniowski, Marek Dunikowski, Aleksandra Dzienniak, Mateusz Dudek. Aleksandra Sliwa, Natalia Burnagiel, Maksym Buta were responsible for the collaboration, and Prof. Dietmar Eberle was consulted. Acoustics design was handled by Muller-BBM - Prof. Karlheinz Muller, Petra Nies, installation by MK Janura, and construction by frima GSBK.

The first prize was awarded for the formal expressiveness of the compact mass layout of the designed object of the Krakow Music Center, shaped using assumptions based on the classic pattern of this type of building, containing a well thought-out layout of cooperating elements of the functional tracts of the building, which both ensures its efficient functioning and gives excellent potential for staging opportunities in its implementation. The designed body, in the proposed technology of prefabricated white concrete, with a snow-white portico with a glowing interior closingthe perspective of the Blonia, with its opening with glazed communication spaces to the existing spatial context, gives certainty of obtaining a loud building with both classical articulation and a very modern, minimalist restrained language of forms. The obtained spatial effect gives high certainty of translation into the social impact of the object ," justified the selection by the Competition Jury.

I nagroda Krakowskie
Centrum Muzyki

First prize, proj.: BE DDJM Architekci - Jarosław Kutniowski, Marek Dunikowski, Aleksandra Dzienniak, Mateusz Dudek

© BE DDJM Architects

As awarded Marek Dunkiowski said:

We are extremely happy that we were able to win this competition, because in my opinion this is one of the most important competitions of recent years. A magical place, dreamed up for a house of high culture, the Music Center. We firmly believe that this project will come to fruition and, together with the historic buildings around the largest meadow in Europe, will complement this extraordinary area.

Mayor Jacek Majchrowski added that this is a work that met all the conditions of the competition and hopes that it will also meet all further conditions, namely those related to deadlines.

Second prize

The Milan-based company Piuarch, composed of Francesco Fresa, Germán Fuenmayor, Gino Garbellin, Monica Tricario and Inteoria Inga Olszanska from Poland, received 2nd place in the competition. Responsible for the collaboration were Alessandro Laner, Anna Zauli, Chiara Longoni, Elena Rizzi, Francesco Baldovini, Gianluca Iannotta, Jenny Spagnolatti, Marco Tescari, Paolo Nordi, Pietro Maccioni, Pawel Burdyl. Acoustics were handled by Müller-BBM GmbH - Jürgen Reinhold, Winfried Lachenmayr, construction: FVProgetti Srl - Filippo Valaperta, Sabina Franco, installations: ESA engineering Srl - Francesco Gori, Lucia Lambertucci, Martina Tomei and the greenery concept is in charge of. Cornelius Gavril.

II Nagroda KrakowskieCentrum Muzyki

Second prize, proj.: Piuarch - Francesco Fresa, Germán Fuenmayor, Gino Garbellin, Monica Tricario, Inteoria Inga Olszanska

© Piuarch - Francesco Fresa, Germán Fuenmayor, Gino Garbellin, Monica Tricario, Inteoria Inga Olszanska

As I read in the justification of the Competition Jury:

The second prize was awarded for designing the building of the Krakow Music Center in the form of an unusually dynamically dissected, irregularly shaped, yet homogeneous mass, covered in its entirety, in sequences of individual segments, with planes of green roofs with the use ofThe use of intensive vegetation, which defines, while introducing heavily glazed openings of internal spaces of communication and hall - a strong link between the internal function of the building and the park environment.

Third prize

Studio Kozień Architekci from Krakow, composed of: Marek Kozień, Magdalena Kozień-Woźniak, Katarzyna Kozień-Kornecka in cooperation with Joanna Filipek, Jakub Dziewoński, Agata Zachariasz (landscape architecture), Tadeusz Kamsiński (acoustics) received 3rd prize.

3 miejsce. Kozień

Third prize, proj.: Kozień Architekci - Marek Kozień, Magdalena Kozień-Woźniak, Katarzyna Kozień-Kornecka

© Kozień Architekci - Marek Kozień, Magdalena Kozień-Woźniak, Katarzyna Kozień-Kornecka

The award was given for designing a monumentally shaped object constituting an urban composition combining landscape solutions with architecture, where a part of the building covered with a green roof connecting with the area constitutes a form of an extension of the Blonia meadow giving a coherent and legible arrangement in space, at this scale.

honorable mention

An honorable mention was awarded in stage I of the competition. It was given to a project by two studios - Lahdelma & Mahlamäki (Finland) composed of: Rainer Mahlamäki, Katri Rönkä, Jukka Savolainen, Nina Vehviläinen, Amir Teymourtash, and KXM (Poland) composed of: Klaudia Golaszewska, Marek Grodzicki, Kinga Grzybowska and Michal Hondo. Henrik Müller was responsible for the acoustics.


honorable mention, proj.: Lahdelma & Mahlamäki and KXM

© Lahdelma & Mahlamäki, KXM

The honorable mention was awarded for the original author's vision of the location of the Krakow Music Center , treating the existing fort relics as the central compositional element of the assumption and a pretext for defining the object's location in this special place for Krakow, as being at the same time the crowning of the Błonia space and the closure of the 3-go Maja Street axis surrounding it. At the same time, the work presents a successful attempt to integrate the envisaged multi-level parking lot with the KCM facility into a single complex, introducing a discreet, balanced and simple in expression, yet refined architecture melded with the landscape, creating an atmosphere corresponding to a contemporary public facility of this stature and function.

Krakow Music Center for the second time

This is the second competition for the design of the Music Center; the first, one-phase competition was held in 2018, but the winning design by the consortium of SBS Engineering Group and 3TI Progetti Italia, which was to be built in Grzegórzki, did not materialize. Krakow withdrew from the realization of the facility, which was to be built together with the Marshal's Office. The city authorities decided that they could not participate in the financing of this investment due to irregularities related to the competition for the design and author's supervision.
You can read more about the controversy over the competition in this month's September issue of A&B.

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