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Lamps "out of time". A collection of unique Ultralight lamps

10 of July '20

Maciej Kossowski, meeting the needs of clients and architects, founded his own brand producing unique lamps. In time, his wife, Agnieszka Kossowska , also began to support the company. Their designs, in their own words, are "out of time," independent of ever-changing trends and fashions and, unusually these days, are produced in Warsaw in cooperation with local craftsmen. The creators of the Ultralight lamps were interviewed by Anna Popiel-Moszyńska.

Maciej Kossowski
i Agnieszka Kossowska, twórcy marki Ultralight

Maciej Kossowski and Agnieszka Kossowska, creators of the Ultralight brand

photo: Ł. Smudziński

Anna Popiel-Moszyńska: When and how did the idea of starting a lamp company come about? What was the impetus for its creation?

Maciej Kossowski: The idea was born out of my professional experience in architectural practice. Contrary to appearances, in a market filled to the brim with interior furnishings, it is difficult to find an object that will fit the project with all its parameters. Hence the idea of production, which, on the one hand, allows you to customize each lamp to meet the expectations of the client and the architect, and on the other hand gives the opportunity to produce a series of fully repeatable lamps. At the same time, the lighting industry is still quite modest among the many excellent domestic manufacturers of home furnishings.

: Agnieszka, you run the company together with your husband. What are the pros and cons of such a tandem?

Agnieszka Kossowska: The originator, founder, designer and main pillar of the company is my husband. I, from the very beginning of Ultralight, love to use these lamps in my projects, not only because of their aesthetics, but also the possibility of multiple modifications. This gives me, as an architect, a lot of room for improvement. As of 2019, I also support Ultralight in the design field. When there is a need to modify a lamp to meet the specific requirements of a room, to bring out the qualities of an individualized space with a lamp, we already sit down together... I was also very involved in the creation of the new website and the modification of old lamp models. We are both architects, so every design issue is a challenge and pleasure for us. I assist Maciek with my knowledge of interiors, but he has the final say and plays first fiddle. I take the leading role in my individual interior design work. Such a clear division of roles does not give rise to misunderstandings, and allows each of us to develop our passions and activities.

model lampy 1931 model

left: lamp model 1931, right: model 1958

photo left: photo: M. Mrowiec, right: photo: Pion Studio

Anna: Where did the idea for the names of your products come from?

Agnieszka, Maciej: The idea has always been to create lamps "out of time", independent of trends and fashions, drawing from good patterns, unique. Such that fit both classic and modern interiors, art déco, vintage and loft interiors. The names, or specific dates, indicate the inspiration drawn for a particular model, while emphasizing the timelessness of the lamps.

model 1930

model 1930

Photo: Ł. Smudziński

Anna: Where are your lamps manufactured? How long does the process take from placing an order to shipment and delivery of the product to its destination?

Maciej: We manufacture our lamps in Warsaw, in extensive cooperation with local craftsmen. We try to use components produced in Poland. We take care of perfect quality and detailing, and I oversee every stage of production. The standard production period for a lamp is six to eight weeks, unless we carry out an unusual project, the technology of which requires an extension of this time.

model 2014

model 2014

Photo: S. Rzepka

: In your offer, in addition to two "wall" models (2014 and 1931), pendant lamps reign supreme. You look in vain for standing lamps or single wall sconces. Do you plan to expand your offerings, or - and if so, for what reasons - do you want to offer almost exclusively hanging lamps?

Agnieszka: The 2014 model is a standing lamp, and it's where the Ultralight story began. It is a model liked by hotels, in addition to the function of a lamp, it can serve as a small table, a stand... The 1931, on the other hand, is our flagship model, it is very popular, thanks to its unusual, at the same time simple and very elaborate wall-mounted form.

Pendant lamps, being the most spacious and "detached" from the ground, offer great design possibilities, at Ultralight we take advantage of them, creating really long arms and elaborate structures.

We also have sconce models on offer, for the time being only on request, and intend to include them in our permanent offer soon. We are developing all the time, and it often happens that a model designed for a specific interior, later enters our catalog.

Anna: Thank you for the interview.

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