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"Live not, die". - Draconian penalties lifted by Sanepid

27 of May '20

During the May 6 "Letter" happening, a group of artists protested against the organization of mail ballots. All of them were detained by the police and their details written down. Two of the protesters received fines of PLN 10,000 a few days later. They were accused of violating the rules of the Epidemiology Act, even though their masks covered their mouths and noses, and a distance of two meters was maintained.

Immediately after the incident, which we wrote about in the text "To live not, to die" - 10 thousand zloty fine for protesting artists on the Internet launched a collection to help the activists pay the fine. Artists at the time were approached by many institutions expressing their support.

Participants of the "Letter" campaign managed to collect 103 thousand PLN, despite the fact that there are still 52 days left until the end of the collection. The protesters were supported by 1,790 people. The money will be used to create a fund to support activists and artists oppressed by the authorities.

Ombudsman Adam Bodnar intervened in the case. The effect of this intervention brought the desired result - the Sanitary Inspectorate rescinded the fine of PLN 10,000 imposed on two people. Adam Bodnar informed about the case on his Twitter account:

Victory! Sanepid, in a self-inspection, has rescinded two fines of PLN 10 thousand imposed on participants in the "Letter" action.

However, the artists are still on the lookout for further developments. 10 of the detainees refused to accept the fines, so they now face a court trial.

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