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New Warsaw museum to open in Norblin factory

05 of March '21

A museum dedicated to the history of the site will be built on the site of the former Norblin Factory, located in the strongly changing area of Warsaw's Wola district. It will be part of a development combining offices, a retail and service area and restaurants.

Service center of office Wola

Fabryka Norblina

photo: National Library

The factory of the Joint-Stock Society of Metal Factories "Norblin, Buch Brothers and T. Werner" was established in 1820. Operating until 1982, the manufactory was located in buildings located in the quarter between Lutska, Zelazna and Prosta streets. After World War II, nationalized and operating under the company Walcownia Metali "Warszawa", it became a place for cultural and educational events after the end of production. In the 1990s, the preserved factory halls between Sienna and Prosta Streets were demolished. A branch of the Museum of Technology, known as the Museum of Industry, was established here in the 1980s, and the Museum of Printing and the Presentation Stage Theater were also based here.

Fabryka Norblina

photo from the collection of the Werner family

In 2017, construction of the new Norblin Factory began on the site. The complex, with 65 thousand sq. m. of floor space, will include 41 thousand sq. Offices and 24 thousand sq. m. Entertainment, dining, service and retail establishments. Among the tenants, in addition to BioBazar, will be a foodhall with more than 30 dining establishments, a cinema with seven screens, and a bar with live music. The project is scheduled for completion in the second half of 2021. The investor of the Norblin Factory is the Capital Park Group. PRC Architekci studio is responsible for the architectural design. Monument Service is responsible for the conservation efforts.

Fabryka Norblina

photo. press materials / Capital Park

Museum of the former factory

The museum, which is being built in partially preserved historic factory buildings, will operate under the substantive care and supervision of the Ministry of Culture. The exhibition will open to the public in 2021. Divided into four thematic tracks, it is expected to operate with modern technologies and multimedia. Tours of the museum will be divided into themes: Buildings and Architecture, Machinery and Equipment, People and Products. The history presented is to go back to the 18th century, through the glory years of the Norblin factory, Buch Brothers and T. Werner, all the way to its post-war operation as Walcownia Metali Warszawa.

Muzeum Fabryki Norblina

photo. press materials / Capital Park

Virtually all sightseeing paths coincide with the thoroughfares of the planned retail, restaurant or office buildings. Each person entering the complex will encounter the history of this unique place at almost every step, thanks to the museum's unique open formula and multimedia technologies.

Artur Setniewski, director of the Norblin Factory Museum

Muzeum Fabryki Norblina

photo. press materials / Capital Park

The spatial layout of the museum will be interesting. Due to the nature of the open area with the preserved historic layout of 10 post-factory buildings and 50 machines and equipment, the facility will have a non-standard, open character and will be available to all visitors to the complex, regardless of the purpose of their visit. The exhibition and commercial zones are intended by the investor to be intertwined. The museum will be designed primarily for self-guided tours, which will be facilitated by an application provided free of charge. Depending on the selected variant, it will offer diverse attractions and sightseeing paths.

Muzeum Fabryki Norblina Muzeum Fabryki Norblina

photo: press materials / Capital Park

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