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Paulina Kwiatkowska winner of urban beehive design competition

18 of December '19

The results of the competition for the design of an urban apiarium at Wrocław Główny train station are known. The first prize was won by Paulina Kwiatkowska for the project entitled. "Sanatorium for bees". Congratulations!

The object of the competition announced on September 19, 2019 on the initiative of BWA Wrocław and PKP S.A. was to prepare a design for an apiary to be built on the green terraces on the first floor of Wrocław Główny railway station, where different varieties of honey-giving plants already grow. The station hive was to take into account the optimal life requirements of bees functioning in urban conditions.

The winning apiary project will be built on the green terraces of Wrocław Główny train station

Photo: Alicja Kielan


Ninety-five projects were submitted to the competition. The jury decided to award a cash prize of PLN 5,000 and the realization of the project entitled "Sanatorium for bees" by Paulina Kwiatkowska. The work was recognized for its minimalism, meticulous design and functionality, as well as its form subordinated to the needs of bees. Behind this extremely simple design is a great deal of knowledge about the lives of pollinators and a series of design decisions, made with an awareness of hive construction techniques. The project is accompanied by information about adverse environmental changes resulting from human activities.
The project entitled. "Sanatorium for Bees" was created as a diploma thesis at the University of Arts in Poznan, under the supervision of supervisor Dr. Lukasz Stawarski.

Diagram of the project entitled "Sanatorium for bees".

© Paulina Kwiatkowska

honorable mentions

The jury awarded two additional projects: "I will sell a beehive" (by Patryk Kusz and Maria Wawer) is based on the use of existing objects after their previous renovation. While the project titled. "22.6 BEETS" (by the design team, consisting of: Jerzy Adamiczka, Bartosz Adamiczka, Tomasz Broma, Maria Czarnecka) visualizes the dance of bees, a phenomenon described by Austrian Nobel laureate Karl von Frisch.

The winning hive design will be erected in spring 2020.

elaborated. Dobrawa BIES

based on information from the organizers
illustrations courtesy of BWA Wroclaw

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