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Poznan in the poster. International competition

16 of June '20

An international poster competition for Poznań has been launched. Professional poster artists are invited to participate, and their submitted design is to respond to the slogan "Poznan ina poster."

The aim of the competition is to encourage professional artists to act for Poznań, poster art and the idea of the author's poster (self-edited poster). Contest participants were invited to create works in poster form in response to the title slogan.

Thecompetition jury:

  • Prof. Eugeniusz Skorwider - chairman of the jury, poster designer
  • Slawomir Kosmynka - poster designer, lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz
  • Lech Majewski - film director
  • Prof. Grzegorz Marszałek - poster designer, lecturer at UAP
  • Władysław Pluta - poster designer
  • Dr. Mateusz Bieczyński - secretary of the jury

competition calendar

The required format of the posters is 100×70 cm (vertical format). The author of the winning work will receive PLN 4,500.

  • deadline for submitting works: August 30 this year.
  • address:
  • announcement of results: September 20-30 this year.

The organizers of the competition are Raritas Art Foundation, University of Arts in Poznań and the curators are: Eugeniusz Skorwider and Mateusz Bieczynski.
For more information , visit the competition website.

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