BERTRAND sp. z o.o. sp. k.

Why BERTRAND brand products?
Because they are branded products. BERTRAND has been building its reputation continuously since 1969. Since then we have fulfilled the dreams of many clients in Poland, European countries and even in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. BERTRAND is a respected manufacturer of windows, doors and facades. We enjoy wide recognition among investors in individual, investment, historic buildings and also in the most restrictive energy-saving and passive construction.

Why is the quality of BERTRAND products so high?
We owe the high quality to modern manufacturing technologies and continuous investment in product research and development. As a few manufacturers in Poland, we have successfully introduced modern products thus achieving the title of pioneer of many innovative solutions in the industry. The high quality, safety and comfort of our products are evidenced by the prestigious awards we have won, numerous certificates and positive comments from our customers.

Why is BERTRAND's offer comprehensive?
Because not to waste precious time. We offer a wide range of products made of different materials: PVC, wood of various types from traditional Polish pine to exotic species, aluminum and also products from combined materials: PVC-aluminum and wood-aluminum. In addition to a wide range of windows and doors, we also offer countless accessories such as: roller shutters, facade blinds, mosquito nets, garage doors, all-glass structures or modern "smart home" control systems.

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