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What can public space look like in times of pandemic? Competition results

21 of May '20

We know the results of the competition entitled "Public space in times of blight" organized by the Institute of Design in Kielce. The submitted projects concerned interventions in public space, both external and internal. The jury awarded two Grand Prizes and six honorable mentions. Congratulations!

The projects submitted to the competition were a response to the limitations associated with the state of emergency: the prohibition of leaving home, isolation or the need to maintain distance. The interventions took any form depending on the inventiveness of the author.

Fifty projects were submitted to the competition. During the two-stage deliberations (individual evaluations and deliberation via an online platform), the jury composed of:

  • Sylwia Bruna, Magdalena Fryze-Seroka, Aneta Lehmann - European Solidarity Center
  • Ewa Golebiewska - Cieszyn Castle
  • Natalia Hatalska -
  • Dominika Janicka - Institute of Design in Kielce
  • Franek Sterczewski - urban activist, member of the Sejm of the ninth term

awarded two equal Main Prizes (in the amount of PLN 2,000 each) and six honorable mentions (the authors received material prizes). It was planned to award one Main Prize, but due to the high level of works and thanks to the support of Echo Investment, it was decided to fund two equivalent prizes. All award winners were invited to participate in an exhibition at the Institute of Design in Kielce.

2 equivalent Main Awards

As we read in the justification:

The jury appreciated the important element of building a neighborhood community - crucial both in times of pandemonium and its aftermath. The relatively low cost of production, availability and ease of use of the proposed tools make the jury see the indicated projects as extremely apt responses to the current situation and the anticipated economic crisis. Both proposals function as manual communicators that build or strengthen social ties. Interestingly, the proposals of Julia Piwowarska and Marta Kwiatek complement each other to some extent. "Neighborhood Support Board" is designed for a very intimate exchange of content, while the project titled. "Give me a sign" directs the message to a wider audience and, so to speak, beyond the tightest neighborhood group.

Marta Kwiatek (Kwiaciarnia grafiki), project titled. "Give me a sign"

Nagroda Główna dla
Marty Kwiatek

© Marta Kwiatek

Julia Piwowarska, project entitled. "Neighborhood support board"

Nagroda Główna.
Julia Piwowarska

© Julia Piwowarska

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