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Results of the voting for the Audience Award in the "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE" 2020 competition.

15 of February '21

Online voting for the Audience Award in the 9th edition of the "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE" competition has ended. The first place went to Sophia Fedor's project - "SerpenTime. Museum of Language in London". Congratulations!

SerpenTime. Muzeum Języka w Londynie

SerpenTime. Museum of Language in London

© Zofia Fedorów

In December 2020, we settled the ninth edition of the competition for the best engineering and master's theses defended in 2018-2020. Out of the twelve nominated works, the jury selected four, awarding the first prize to Karolina Jankowska, the second ex aequo to Kinga Butlewska and Kamil Szymanski, and the third to Filip Jakubczak.

In January this year, for the second time in the history of the contest, we gave a vote to A&B readers, announcing the Audience Award. Internet users cast 3694 votes for Zofia Fedor's project defended at the Faculty of Architecture of Wrocław University of Technology and prepared under the direction of Dr. Ada Kwiatkowska, and 3449 votes for the project by graduates of the Faculty of Architecture of Krakow University of Technology Tadeusz Szarańc, Aleksandra Śliwa and Demi Tran - "Molekuły. An intergenerational village in Grabin" prepared under the supervision of Dr. Anna Taczalska-Ryniak. Full voting results can be found here.


The winning design for a museum located in East London invites visitors on a journey through the history of language. Reminiscent in form of a serpentine, the building's shape was planned so that it could be best exposed from the river and street.

Widok na muzeum

view of the museum

© Zofia Fedorów

The idea for the project was born out of reflection on the history and origin of language. The focus was on functional classification, so a linguistic timeline was created, it in turn dictated the linear form of the building. Due to the existing context and the shape of the plot, the museum was located in such a way that it was best exposed from the river and the street. In the twist, it was also important to circle the circle of history and close the path of the tour; transparent passages were added to connect each of the bays of the building. This is how the target block was created with a form resembling a serpentine. The name itself is a language game - it is a combination of the words serpent, referring to the movement of the snake, which is the very way the building is shaped, and time - time, which is the main idea of the project, and the word serpentine, depicting the shape of the building," writes the author of the awarded project.

Congratulations to all the contestants! We also invite all 2019-2021 architecture students and graduates to participate in the next anniversary edition of the competition within the A&B Academy.


The vote has already been cast