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Slow life on the balcony, or a private oasis

17 of April '20

A moment of relaxation in the fresh air without leaving home? A well-decorated balcony, will become the perfect counterpart to the living room not only during pandemonium.

Just a few simple tricks are enough to arrange the balcony of your dreams: create a comfortable place for morning coffee, afternoon nap and evening relaxation with loved ones.

interesting balcony arrangement

The balcony is a space in the present time that allows us to enjoy the spring aura without worrying about our health. It is only necessary to give it style and color accents. Referring to the arrangement in the house will give the impression of harmony and a coherent composition, but it is not necessary. Accessories and greenery will be the key elements.

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Balcony furniture should be made of high quality materials

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Universal solutions and durable materials

When choosing balcony furniture, bet on proven, universal solutions. The right materials, high quality and regular care will allow you to enjoy them for many seasons. Ecorattan, aluminum, teak or maybe polypropylene? Each of them has many advantages - it all depends on our tastes and needs.

Aranżacja balkonu © 9design Aranżacja balkonu © 9design

Color accents will enliven the space

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greenery to reduce stress

Beautiful greenery and colorful flowers are the essence of a spring balcony. Fortunately, already a small intervention in the balcony vegetation is enough to give it a new character. Greenery is a natural remedy for daily stress that promotes concentration, and in the current situation a substitute for contact with nature. We recommend flowerbeds that effectively arrange plants at different levels and hanging pots.

Atmospheric lighting for summer evenings

When arranging a balcony, it is worth paying attention to lighting. Atmospheric candles are one thing, but a great idea will turn out to be garlands of bulbs or an outdoor lamp of original form, which will certainly make the balcony arrangement more attractive.

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