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Green solutions in offices increasingly demanded by employees

21 of September '23

Decarbonization of energy or issues of adaptation to climate change appear on our pages very often. These issues also affect the places where we work.

As part of our #ReportThursday series, we present documents, reports and guides on architecture, cities and local government that are certainly worth publicizing and promoting. This week we take a look at the document "Ecobarometer - Green in the Office" published by Nuvalu Poland and carried out by SW Research.

The impact of offices on the environment is not only limited to the issue of construction, but also their organization, as we discussed with Ten Square Games office co-author Dorota Mogielnicka.

stosunek do działań ekologicznych według ankietowanych

Attitudes towards environmental activities according to respondents

© Nuvalu Polska

However, the issue of pro-environmental activities goes beyond construction and arrangements - it affects, for example, employees, their comfort and approach to the workplace, as well as the image of the company itself. The aspect of satisfaction with ecological activities was the subject of a survey that indicated office workers' attitudes toward ecological topics.

The report is available on the Nuvalu Polska website.

ocena działań pod kątem działań na rzecz ekologii

evaluation of activities in terms of ecological activities

© Nuvalu Polska

what do we do, what don't we do?

As the respondents indicated, their companies do take actions to be green and take care of the environment - although these are mainly single actions rather than cyclical. 22.2% of respondents believe that their company does not take any action in this aspect. However, the survey does not take into account how employees evaluate the activities (whether they consider them real attempts at change or just greenwashing).

najważniejsze motywacje stojące za działaniami ekologicznymi

top motivations behind green actions

© Nuvalu Polska

Ecology - the key to happiness?

Another stage of the survey was also to identify which green solutions are positively evaluated by employees. Here, respondents distinguished three factors in particular. It was important to optimize the space for work comfort, including through proper circulation and acoustics. Also mentioned were the most popular solutions that we associate with ecology, i.e. segregating garbage and replacing household appliances and electronics with those of a higher energy class. Negative reference was made to employers who do not care about ecology in the workplace.

Respondents were also asked about the motivations and intentions behind the approach to ecology in the companies where they work. Among the most common responses were frugality and legal requirements. The answer "pure desire to be a green company" ranked fairly high, as did the question of promotional and communication activities.

co wpływa na satysfakcję z pracy

What influences job satisfaction

© Nuvalu Poland

These responses indicate a fledgling nascent need to use green solutions in our workplaces.

Pursuing sustainability in the workplace can influence the creation of a friendlier environment, motivate employees and increase job satisfaction. They are the ones who spend most of their time in offices, so it is important that the environment they are in is tailored to their comfort, efficiency and well-being," indicated Adrian Ziubinski, CEO of Concept Space.

działania wymieniane przez ankietowanych na rzecz ekologii

Activities mentioned by respondents in favor of ecology

© Nuvalu Polska

direction? Still uncertain

The research report compiled by Nuvalu shows, above all, the direction of the change in thinking - we will find information on what the approach looks like from an employee perspective, which may allow us to set the direction not only of change, but also of education.

The report is available on the Nuvalu Poland website.

podsumowanie raportu

report summary

© Nuvalu Polska

compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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