Stanislaw Deńko - Boss, teacher, mentor, friend

23 of September '22

Archival materials on the figure of Stanislaw Denieka are published in connection with the premiere of a film about the architect, organized by the Malopolska Chamber of Architects of Poland.

The mention comes from A&B 02/2022.

Stanislaw Deńko - for many Staszek, Stasiu - for us, the team of the Architectural Bureau Wizja, will always remain Mr. Director. Director was the function he formally held in the company. Over the years, the term was coined, surprising to many, sometimes badly associated, but resulting from respect, but absolutely not defining what kind of Boss, Teacher, Mentor, Friend he was. We were fortunate to have been able to be part of his Vision and the architectural firm he created in the early 1990s for the last dozen years or so, until the end.

Stanisław Deńko z córką Małgosią

Stanislaw Denieko with his daughter Malgosia

© Vision

Head. At Vision, he held all possible positions: he was chief designer, managing and financial director, manager, human resources.... His artistic soul always put the quality of the project above economics. He never raised his voice, even in difficult situations he was able to cool his emotions and calmly seek the best solution. With his affable personality, he created a uniquely friendly atmosphere in our office. He tried to treat everyone equally, regardless of experience, seniority.

Kamienice Wandy, zespół mieszkaniowo--usługowy przy ulicy Grzegórzeckiej 73 w Krakowie

The Wanda Tenements, a residential and commercial complex at 73 Grzegórzecka Street in Cracow
Authors: Wizja, Stanisław Deńko, Małgorzata Deńko, Marcin Przyłuski, Robert Ciuła
design team: Katarzyna Czerny-Suwała, Ewa Idzikowska
design and implementation: 2007-2013

Photo: Wojciech Krynski © Vision

Teacher. His more than fifty years of professional experience was an outstanding resource from which we could draw without limitation. He was pleased with it. At the same time, he placed great trust in us, entrusting us with difficult tasks and responsibilities. We always came out of failures richer with new experiences. He did not blame us for mistakes, he let us learn from them, and we all suffered the consequences as a team. This approach allowed each of us to spread our wings, some of us to fly off in our own direction, and some to continue the adventure of His Vision.

Przebudowa i rozbudowa domu jednorodzinnego przy Alei Kasztanowej w Krakowie

Reconstruction and extension of a single-family house at Aleja Kasztanowa in Krakow
Authors: Wizja, Stanisław Deńko, Agnieszka Ciuła, Robert Ciuła
interior design: Małgorzata Deńko
garden design and implementation: TILIA, Justyna Markiewicz-Kuchta, Adam Kuchta
design and implementation: 2015-2018

Photo: European Copper Institute

Mentor. He was cordial, warm, showing interest, always ready to share his view of the world and life. Our conversations were not only about architecture and related topics, but also about down-to-earth matters, all the way to the deeply philosophical and spiritual. He was always there to offer selfless help, advice and support. He was a role model on many issues.

Zespół domów jednorodzinnych w Maniowach nad Jeziorem Czorsztyńskim

Complex of single-family houses in Maniowy on Lake Czorsztyńskie
Authors: Stanisław Deńko, Małgorzata Deńko
design team: Robert Koprowski - lead architect, Jakub Wagner
project: 2004 (in progress)

Photo: Stanislaw Deńko

Friend. Our relationship went far beyond Vision as an architectural firm, and it was a two-way relationship. The large age difference between us was no obstacle. Often it became an added value and helped the other party to see from a different perspective. What we will miss most are the daily chats about everything and nothing, loose conversations full of jokes and anecdotes....

Centrum Handlowe SERENADA przy al. gen. T. Bora-Komorowskiego w Krakowie

SERENADA Shopping Center on Gen. T. Bora-Komorowskiego Avenue in Krakow, Poland
Authors: SA Studio Architektoniczne, Piotr Klecan, Marcin Dzienisik, Marta Tomkiel
elevations and site development design: Wizja, Stanisław Deńko, Agnieszka Ciuła, Robert Ciuła
cooperation: Q-Arch, Robert Kuzianik, Anna Socha, Anna Jarosz-Siembiot
interiors: Sud Architekt Polska
design: 2014-2018

Photo: Wojciech Krynski © Vision

Architecture was his first love. But equally important was urban planning, which he called the mother of architecture and urban planning. In recent years he was very involved in the spatial development of the city of Krakow. He had an amazing but realistic vision of Krakow of the future.

Wizja Rozwoju Miasta Krakowa: Miasto Policentryczne Zwarte Koncepcja studium kierunków rozwoju Miasta Krakowa

Vision of the Development of the City of Krakow: a Polycentric City Compact Concept study of the directions of development of the City of Krakow.
client: City Hall of Krakow, design: 2012
author's co-operation: Robert Ciuła
design team: Marcin Przyłuski, Bartłomiej Stawarz, Jerzy Wójcik

© Vision, Stanislaw Deńko

He included it in the development of the concept of the study of the directions of the city's development entitled. "Vision for the development of the city of Krakow: a polycentric compact city of 2012". In a synthetic and clear way, he set out the directions and goals that city administrators and planners should strive for in the next fifty years. Unfortunately, despite much praise and approval, the project was not appreciated, and reality proved to be an insurmountable wall.

Hotel z częścią handlową przy ulicy Długiej i Szlak w Krakowie

Hotel with commercial part at Dluga and Szlak streets in Krakow
Authors: Wizja, Stanisław Deńko, Małgorzata Chrzanowska, Robert Ciuła
design team: Alicja Wąś, Agnieszka Ciuła, Mateusz Wieczorek
visualizations: Nguyen Minh Hoang
project: 2019 - in progress

photo: Vision

The concept of retirement was not in his vocabulary, and he could not imagine such a state in his life. Practically to the end of his days he was professionally active. The last project that was important to him was a hotel with a commercial section on Dluga and Szlak streets in Cracow. Located a few steps from our studio, the building, woven into the historic fabric of the city, was difficult in terms of design and formal and legal aspects due to its context. It has become quite a challenge for the office, and work on the detailed design continues with our now incomplete team.

Agnieszka and Robert Ciuła

Wizja Architectural Office

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