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Poznan University of Technology students honored in international competition

29 of January '20

Pawel Danielak, Agnieszka Baszak and Bartlomiej Bruzda, students of the Faculty of Architecture at Poznan University of Technology, have won an honorable mention in the competition to design the Iceland Volcano Museum building. Congratulations!

The goal of the competition, organized by Bee Breeders, was to design a versatile building with a multi-purpose exhibition hall. The design should take into account handling half a million visitors a year. Another important consideration was to create an office complex, a café and an information desk, all while respecting Icelandic nature.

The design of the building refers to tectonic plates

© Paweł Danielak, Agnieszka Baszak and Bartłomiej Bruzda


Students from the Poznan University of Technology, inspired by the harshness of the Icelandic climate, created a project harmoniously blending with the landscape, entitled "Tektonik". "Tektonik". The building, whose layout allows one to admire the Hverfjall volcano and Lake Mywtan in the vicinity, is designed with respect for the context of the place. Part of the building is below ground level, and its two extreme corners are extended upward.

The building is divided into two functional zones - office and muse

© Paweł Danielak, Agnieszka Baszak and Bartłomiej Bruzda

The path leading to the building runs along the contact line of two tectonic plates (North African and Eurasian) and is arranged on the axis of the volcano - in order not to interfere with the view, the authors spread the walls of the building. The space that was created in this way refers to the arrangement of tectonic plates and divides the entire building into two main functional zones - office and museum. In this way, the students prevented office workers from crossing paths with visitors to the exhibition. The only common area remains the lobby, which is accessed from the main ramp and from the underground garage.

See also another award-winning Iceland Volcano Museum project byLukasz Gąska, Marta Sowinska-Gąska and Michal Gawron.

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illustrations courtesy of Paweł Danielak, Agnieszka Baszak and Bartłomiej Bruzda

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