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Viega tool case system. Compact dimensions and low weight

27 of November '20

Not just for professionals - the new Viega tool case system

Every installer knows very well how important it is in daily work to optimally secure installation tools and keep them in order. The Viega tool case system is a functional solution that meets the needs of professionals. The new models are lighter and more compact, while at the same time being extremely durable and splash-proof. In addition, the system is fully compatible with Sortimo car bodies.

Nowy system walizek
narzędziowych Viega

The two Viega suitcases can be easily combined with each other or with other tool cases to create, for example, a complete cart. The system is also fully compatible with Sortimo car bodies.


High-quality tools have a significant impact on the efficiency and comfort of the installer's work. Equally important, of course, is the issue of their proper storage and protection on the construction site and during transport. Viega has long offered practical and durable carrying cases for its Pressgun series and accessories. The new models, available in two sizes, are much lighter and more compact than previous versions. Thanks to them, installers can always have a pressgun and matching Viega accessories at hand.

Nowy system
walizek narzędziowych Viega

The new Viega tool case system consists of two models that hold the Pressgun crimper and all the accessories needed to install press systems.


Perfect order and convenient transportation

The first case holds the Pressgun, charger and battery pack or the Pressgun-Press Booster attachment, and the second case holds the jaws or press rings for specific applications. Such a system solution is not only practical, but also ensures perfect order in the warehouse, workshop or assembly area. In addition, it secures and protects our tools. The two cases can be easily combined with each other or with other compatible tool cases to form a complete cart, for example. Ergonomic handles and side recesses ensure convenient transportation.

Nowy system walizek
narzędziowych Viega

The Viega tool case perfectly protects the crimper, ensuring safe and convenient transportation.


Resistant to shocks and splashes

The flexibility of the new suitcase system facilitates installation work, and their compact size and reduced weight compared to previous models make them more convenient to use. At the same time, the loading capacity of each suitcase is as high as 25 kg. As a result, they can easily accommodate all the necessary tools and accessories. Another important advantage is the strength and durability of Viega suitcases, which are already well known to installers. The new models are effectively protected against water splashes and resistant to breakage, and the maximum load on the lid is up to 100 kg. This makes it possible to meet all the challenges we face on the construction site.

Nowy system walizek
narzędziowych Viega

One case, one set: this principle also applies to press jaws, designed for specific Viega press systems. This makes it easier to maintain perfect order in the warehouse or on the construction site.


For more information, visit the company's VIEGA page on the A&B portal.

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