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Society of Polish Town Planners appreciated the market in Ruda Śląska

20 of January '21

As every year, the Society of Polish Town Plannersheld a competition to select the best urban planning and architectural projects in Poland. During the 14th edition, in the category of Revitalized Urban Public Space, themarket square in Ruda Śląska - Orzegowo was appreciated, receiving 1st honorable mention, thus proving that a well-designed space is also one that is modest and unobtrusive.

In the justification of the competition jury, which consisted of representatives of the Board of Directors of the Society of Polish Town Planners, Presidents of Local Branches of the Society of Polish Town Planners, President of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland, Małgorzata Pilinkiewicz, and President of the Association of Polish Architects, Bohdan Lisowski, we read that:

The award was given for the comprehensive revitalization of the public urban interior surrounded by residential, commercial and sacred buildings. As part of the revitalization efforts, the urban quarter was subjected to renewal, in which the historical division into the Upper Square with a recreational function, facilitating study and reflection, and the Lower Square intended for social activity and cultural and entertainment activities was emphasized. The Competition Jury appreciated the apt and aesthetic use of the space for social purposes, giving the place a centripetal function and developing a space of high usable quality for residents.

Rynek w Rudzie
Śląskiej – Orzegowie

Market Square in Ruda Śląska - Orzegowo

© Ruda Śląska City Hall

resident-friendly direction makes sense

The author of the concept for the reconstruction of the market, which was completed in 2018, is Pracownia Projektowa Architekt Jacek Leśko. It consisted in the revitalization of the quarter between Hlonda, Czapli, Królowej Jadwigi and Huloka streets. The investment covered an area of nearly 8000 m², located in the central part of Orzegowo. The most significant part was the reconstruction of the area around St. Michael the Archangel Church and the area on Czapla Street, between the Social Initiative Center building and the parking lot. This created two interconnected spaces, that is, the Upper Square located around the church and the Lower Square, located slightly below, where a fountain was also created. Connecting these two zones is the existing slope, on which stairs and a special ramp for the disabled were built. Lighting was also rebuilt, benches and a large pergola were installed, and greenery was taken care of.

Plac Dolny
z fontanną na rynku w Rudzie Śląskiej – Orzegowie

Lower Square with a fountain in the market square in Ruda Śląska - Orzegowo

© Ruda Śląska City Hall

The investment cost PLN 3.5 million, of which the city obtained more than 3 million as part of the Regional Operational Program of the Silesian Voivodeship for 2014-2020, as the mayor Grażyna Dziedzic emphasizes:

Once again it turns out that the revitalizations carried out in Ruda Śląska can be a model for other cities. This is an honor, and at the same time a confirmation that the direction we have chosen for developing resident-friendly spaces makes sense.

Pergole na rynku
w Rudzie Śląskiej – Orzegowie

Pergolas in the market square in Ruda Śląska - Orzegowo

© Ruda Śląska City Hall

the importance of revitalization

Moreover, it should be added that the award for the market square in Ruda Śląska is not the first appreciation of its revitalization, as in 2019 this investment received the title of the best public space in the Silesian province. During the same edition of the competition, the same title was also awarded to the Library Station at the revitalized railway station in Chebzie. This is an important message to the city, which in the last 10 years has allocated more than PLN 75 million for revitalization investments, that such projects are important, needed and appreciated. Because revitalization is not just about carrying out renovations and creating impressive spaces. Its purpose is to bring a degraded part of the city back to life, complement it with new functions and introduce such changes that will allow the local community to function better and more comfortably.

Katarzyna Oczkowska

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