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"Unrealized projects in Nowa Huta" - architectural walking tour

06 of July '20

What would Nowa Huta look like today if all the planned buildings were realized? The Museum of the New Steelworks, a branch of the Museum of Krakow, invites you this Wednesday to a walk in the footsteps of unrealized projects in Nowa Huta.

Nowa Huta niezrealizowane projekty

Nowa Huta, unrealized projects

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71 years ago, on June 23, 1949, the construction of the first residential block in Nowa Huta began. The competition to develop a general concept for the area, which was originally to be a separate city, was won by a team led by Warsaw architect Tadeusz Ptaszycki. In addition to residential buildings, the comprehensive design of Nowa Huta included a monumental town hall, main forum, parade square, theater or central library. Today, the remnants of these plans are empty spaces that often serve as squares or parks. A walk in their footsteps will be led by Maciej Miezian.

The Museum of Nowa Huta has also prepared an animation that shows the planned, "ideal" form of Nowa Huta's urban layout and photographs of the realization.

Walk for participants without age limit, 8.07, at 14.30.

Meeting place: the Museum of Nowa Huta (Os. Centrum E1),
number of participants: 16 people (priority for those with reservations at the Cracow Museum Visitor Service Center: e-mail:, phone: 12 426 50 60),
duration: about 1.5 hours,
cost: 5 PLN,
more information HERE

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