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Upholstered furniture inspired by marine coral

04 of August '20

Coral - the treasure of the sea depths became the inspiration for a series of upholstered furniture, which is characterized by rounded back lines and streamlined shapes. Sofas, armchairs or chairs - they are all united by a refined form, thoughtful design and precise workmanship, guaranteeing comfort of use.

The Laroc (coral read backwards)collection covers almost the entire spectrum of upholstered furniture designed for the lounge and dining area.

softness of lines

The collection includes sofas with draped finishes in two sizes: a larger one and a mini version for two people, armchairs following the same convention of curved backs and complementing them with softly rounded pouffes. Armchairs with a slightly simplified form, evoking modernist associations, come in two sizes: full-size and mini, and among the chairs there will be a model with a backrest - more or less built-in - or armrests. The furniture's legs are available in matte black and gold. The sparing design of the chairs creates a timeless form. The stable backrest, thanks to its full structure, provides comfort, and the delicate upholstery fabric acquires nobility in contrast with the strong color of the design. In addition to furniture created for the dining room, there are also higher structures - hockers in the version with or without a backrest.

Kolekcja mebli Laroc

Dining room furniture is characterized by the nobility of fabrics and gold detailing

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noble fabrics

All the furniture in the collection is connected by a manufacturing technology using bent plywood and thermoelastic foam. The foam reacts to body temperature and adapts to its shape. Individual choice of upholstery fabric is also possible. A wide range of fabric grades will meet the needs of those who are looking for natural textures, buckrams, plaids, soft velvets or highly resistant certified fabrics for hotels and offices. Laroc will also add character to private interiors, pleasing owners with its aesthetics and craftsmanship of detail.

artisanal methods

The undeniable value of the Laroc collection is that it was created as a result of many hours of work by human hands. All the furniture was created using traditional artisanal methods. Handmade is extremely labor-intensive, but it is necessary in order to refine the smallest detail and take care of every draping. This is the final, very important stage of the furniture-making process: from the analysis of world trends, through the development of the design involving close cooperation between the designers and the technology department, to the physical execution by hand. Laroc collection will appeal to lovers of modern classic conventions and immortal beauty under the sign of art déco.

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