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Villa Emaus in Kraków #Witkiewicz Award

10 of July '20
Technical data

Villa Emmaus

Location: Poland, Cracow.
Project: Włodarczyk+Włodarczyk Studio Autorskie
Architects: Małgorzata Włodarczyk, Marcin Włodarczyk
Design team: Magdalena Bińczycka, Iwona Mielczarek,Tomasz Zapała, Michał Świtalski
Structure design: Janusz Krzykawski
Plumbing design with connections: Marian Studencki
Gas installation design: Marian Studencki
Electrical system design: Adam Biela
Road design: Krystyna Witek
Greenery design: Anna Szczubiał
Contractor: KARTEX Construction and Trade and Production Company.
Usable area: 2047,40
Total area: 2513 m²
Cubic capacity: 7456 m³
Project: 2004-2005
Implementation: 2007
Investor: TERRA CASA S.A.

In 2008,Willa Emaus in Krakow was awarded first place in the residential architecture category in the 4th edition of the competition for the Stanislaw Witkiewicz Małopolski Voivodship Award. Below we present the winning project by the author's studio Włodarczyk+Włodarczyk architekci.

The awarded building is a multi-family building with a garage in the ground floor, built at the intersection of Emmaus and Piastowska streets in Cracow. As we read in the justification of the jury of the 4th edition of the competition for the Stanislaw Witkiewicz Małopolski Voivodeship Award, the villa was recognized for its very high standard of workmanship.

Willa Emaus
w Krakowie

corten is one of the elevation elements

© Włodarczyk+Włodarczyk architekci studio of authorship

The Competition Jury paid attention to the aesthetic level of the solution, which is an apt response to the search for a form for residential architecture, including in its interior, and the good inscription of the object - with the right scale and character in the special conditions of the environment and the exposed situation.

Przekrój Willi
w Emaus

The villa consists of four floors

© Włodarczyk+Włodarczyk architekci author studio

vicinity of Blonia

Villa Eamus is an intimate development right next to the Ore River. The location of this multi-family villa is unique because of its surroundings: the Krakow Błonia and green areas are close by. Another interesting visual juxtaposition is the neighborhood of a characteristic modernist villa designed by architect Czeslaw Wallis. The four-story building consists of 14 spacious and comfortable apartments.

Willa Emaus
w nocy

The architects have created an integral project for the illumination of the building

© Włodarczyk+Włodarczyk architekci author studio

corten and night illumination

When designing the building, the architects placed great emphasis on the quality of the common interior space by carefully selecting materials. An interesting decorative element is the stone mosaic. An important aspect was to ensure the attractive reception of the building also after dusk. The authors created an integral design for the illumination of the building. Willa Emaus is the first building in Krakow with the use of naturally rusting corten steel.

Corten is also an important element of the KS Cracovia Hall built nearby. The project by the Lewicki Łatak Design Bureau was awarded first place in the public architecture category in the 9th edition of the competition for the Stanislaw Witkiewicz Małopolski Voivodeship Award.

compiled by: Dobrawa Bies

illustrations courtesy of Włodarczyk+Włodarczyk architekci author studio

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