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Water Park Tychy with an ICONIC AWARDS 2020 award!

06 of August '20

Another success for Polish designers from Schick Architekci / TKHolding. The design of the Tychy Water Park won an international award in the ICONIC AWARDS 2020 competition in the innovative architecture category.

TheGerman Design Council, the initiator of the ICONIC AWARDS competition, has awarded prizes in this year's competition. Recognized were visionary buildings, innovative products in all branches of architecture, construction and real estate. Among them was Water Park Tychy, which received an award in the innovative architecture category.

Wodny Park Tychy

The facade was finished with a special color-changing material

Photo: Tomasz Zakrzewski Archifolio © Schick Architekci / TKHolding

A modern aquatic center in Tychy

The Aquatic Center - "AquaticPark Tychy", designed by the team from Schick Architekci / TKHolding, is located in the southern part of the city, near the Paprocan Lake and Kobior forests. As the authors of the project emphasize, the architecture of the facility, inspired by the fluid forms of the nearby lake and alluding to yin-yang symbols, was designed to integrate various functions aimed at relaxation, sports, recreation, fun and education.

The complex works in synergy with the wastewater treatment plant serving as a combined heat and power plant, creating a self-sufficient energy system that also generates energy for the city, being an important link in the city's energy cycle. This concept allows the facility, which normally consumes huge amounts of energy, to serve not only as an entertainment venue, but also as an example of modern and ecological solutions in architecture.

Wodny Park Tychy widok
z lotu ptaka


Photo: Tomasz Zakrzewski Archifolio © Schick Architekci / TKHolding

Themain body of the building has been divided into two parts - the swimming pool and accompanying services. It is complemented by the curvilinear forms of the surf zone and the dominant hiding the slide tower. Both the exterior and interior are interwoven with soft lines that complement and intermingle each other.

The facade is finished with a special "chameleon" type material, which changes colors on the curves of the building depending on the time of day, weather or observation point.

interiors divided into zones

The interiors of the Park are divided into characteristic zones: the entrance area in metallic colors, the sauna area and the recreational pools are decorated with wood, which with its warmth is meant to calm and soothe the senses. The sports zone, with its vibrant green accents, is modern and energetic. The surf wing with its blue hue refers directly to ocean sports. The whole is complemented by elements of illuminated stretch ceilings and natural greenery in the form of green walls and flowerbeds.

z basenami

The niche of the pool area

Photo: Tomasz Zakrzewski Archifolio © Schick Architekci / TKHolding


Water Park is not only about sports and entertainment. On the first floor of the complex, there is an elaborate educational center "Water Academy" equipped with numerous multimedia stations aimed at learning about water. The facility also features Poland's first interactive game combining mechanics known from computer games and urban games with architectural form and function.

modern technologies and sustainable architecture

The facility uses an extensive BEMS system, or Building Energy Management System, which integrates the operation of all technological equipment working in the building. A number of solutions have been introduced in the building to optimize the operation of technological solutions, heating, cooling and water installations. An important ecological aspect is the heat recovery carried out from the air coming from the air handling units, as well as from the water - gray wastewater and rinse water, coming from the filtration and water treatment installations in the swimming pool circuits.

Sytuacja Wodny Park

The center is located in the southern part of Tychy, near Lake Paprocanskie

© Schick Architects / TKHolding

On the other hand, the effect of using alternative fuel and introducing symbiosis in the operation of the Tychy Water Park and the Tychy-Urbanowice wastewater treatment plant is that there is no need to draw electricity and heat for both facilities from the external power grid. At the same time, the use of renewable energy from its own source contributes to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the environment, compared to a conventional coal-fired power plant. You can read more about the solutions and technologies used in the facility here.

numerous awards

Tyska building has been awarded many times, it received, among others: first prize in the competition "Construction of the Year 2018", Silesian Great Prize of Construction 2018, Ekolaur in the category Energy Saving, Energy Efficiency awarded by the Polish Chamber of Ecology,
1st prize in the architectural competition "Facades Unlimited", and was shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival.

The official awards ceremony for the 2020 ICONIC AWARDS will be held on October 5 at the Pinakothek Museum of Contemporary Art in Munich. In the same competition in the architecture cateogory, the award went to a house designed by REFORM Architects, which you can read about here.

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