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10 examples of green in architecture

11 of March '20

Greenery in architecture is not only decorative facades, flowers in pots or green roofs. In today's episode of the "Coffee Break" series, we've gathered 10 inspirations for you - examples of greenery in architecture.

Atlas Hotel Hoi An

VTN Architects are masters at combining architecture with greenery. One example is the cascade of plants that the designers used to enhance the simple body of the Atlas Hotel in Hoi An. Vertical strips of vegetation arranged on all facades of the hotel provide a natural sunshade.

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Atlas Hotel, Vietnam, Hoi An, proj.: VTN Architects

© VTN Architects

Stepping Park House

The second proposal in the list is another project by VTN Architects. Stepping Park House in Vietnam is a house whose space is permeated by greenery from the adjacent park. Plants are present both on the facades and permeate the interior of the building.

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Stepping Park House, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, pro: VTN Architects

photo: Hiroyuki Oki

Garden & House

In a narrow house in Tokyo designed by Ryue Nishizawa, the garden is intertwined with the rooms on each floor of the building. Plants placed on the facade create a screen that shields the home's residents from the eyes of passersby.

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Garden & House, Japan, Tokyo, design: Ryue Nishizawa

photo: Guillermo Sánchez Sotés

Forested House

The Forested House in Bangkok is the architects' search for a way to bring greenery back into private homes, while maximizing lot space. The house consists of three sections separated by two courtyards. In almost every possible space, the architects have designed special pots for trees, and the sunny roof has been dedicated to a garden for growing herbs and vegetables.

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Forest House, Thailand, Bangkok, pro: Shma Company Limited

© Dsign Something

Tower Flower

Completed in 2004, the building is a vertical continuation of the adjacent park. Housing social housing units, the block is adorned with three hundred and eighty pots in which bamboos grow.

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Tower Flower, France, Paris, pro: Maison Edouard François

photo: Philipp Winter

Green Villa

A similar solution to the Tower Flower was proposed by architects from the MVRDV studio in the "Green Villa" project. The facade of the corner residential and officebuilding will consist of "shelves" of varying heights and depths, filled with potted plants, trees and shrubs. You can read more about the project here.

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Green Villa, Netherlands, Sint-Michielsgestel, projet: MVRDV, Van Boven Architecten


Bosco Verticale

A vertical forest in Milan was designed as "a home for trees, where people and birds also live." The two Milan apartment buildings, 80 and 112 meters high, are home to a total of eight hundred trees.

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Bosco Verticale, Italy, Milan, proj.: Boeri Studio

© Andrej Ciesielski

One Central Park

The green facade of the award-winning One Central Park skyscraper in Sydney was designed in collaboration with French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc.

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One Central Park, Australia, Sydney, pro: Ateliers Jean Nouvel

photo: JMermot


Farmhouse, designed by architects from Precht studio, is a modular structure based on the structure of traditional gabled roofs that form a truss. Each wall consists of three layers: an inner one with finishes, electricity and pipes, a middle one with structure and insulation, and an outer one with gardening elements and water supply. You can read more about the Urban Farmhouse, a project designed to bring us closer to nature, here.

The Farmhouse, proj.: Precht

Vertical Oasis

FAAB architects designed the Vertical Oasis, a building adapted to the challenges of today's world. The building is to be covered with a "green skin" - elements made of BIPV active panels and glazing made with ClearView Power™ technology responsible for converting solar energy into electricity. A vertical garden composed of specially selected plants and microorganisms is also planned for the facade. You can read more about the project here.

Wertykalna Oaza

Vertical Oasis, proj.: FAAB


Let us know in the comments what examples of greenery in architecture you find inspiring.

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