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Catherine Karolina Howorko about internships in author's architectural offices

09 of March '20

What is it like to do three internships in one year and in completely different parts of the world? Listen to Katarzyna Karolina Howorko as she shares her experiences of working in Copenhagen, Hokkaido, Delft, and Dhaka.

Katarzyna Karolina Howorko

Architect, set designer and designer. She completed her master's degree in scenography and architecture in Paris and Mexico, and completed internships and workshops in France, Japan, the Netherlands, Colombia and Denmark. Her master's project was awarded an "Innovation & Savoir-faire" scholarship. She has participated in numerous theatrical and film productions, as well as architectural and museum productions. She has won many awards and prizes.

scope of the podcast

internship in Copenhagen, work specifics, free time
Hokkaido island internship, specifics and work ethic
internship in Delft, departure to Dhaka
working in multiple offices, own business
Amsterdam Light Festival, stage design projects

Also listen to Catherine's memories of her time studying in France and Mexico.

From the podcast series titled: "All about internships - the best offices".

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illustrations courtesy of Katarzyna Karolina Howorko

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