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Marcin Zebrowski on his internship at Urban Power in Denmark

04 of May '20

Marcin Zebrowski talks about his seven-month internship at Danish architecture firm Urban Power. Hear about how to work in a small team, why it's so important to organize work (even files on the computer), what a project presentation looks like on a train, and who drinks the most coffee.

Marcin Zebrowski

He gained his work experience during an internship at Urban Power's Copenhagen office, and is starting an internship at Henning Larsen in August 2020. Heis currently studying architecture at Lund University, majoring in Sustainable Urban Design. He completed his bachelor's degree at the University of Warsaw, as part of which he was an exchange student at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. He received a special mention in the Europan 15 international architectural competition for a project in Borås, Sweden. In addition, he was involved in the urban prototyping process for the "Living Street" project in Warsaw and Dabrowa Gornicza. Enthusiast of cities, soccer, travel and podcasts.

scope of the podcast

Urban Power - the office and its projects
What did recruitment look like?
What did you do, what did you work on?
Project in Norway, individual work
The design of the sports hall and how to adapt the vision to the budget
Pros of working in a small office
Urban Power's work culture
Are you satisfied? What have you gained?
What are your future plans?

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From the podcast series titled: "All about internships - the best offices".

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illustrations courtesy of Marcin Zebrowski

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