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Sonia Kwiatkowska on the practice of architecture in Poland

23 of March '20

After studying at the Cracow University of Technology, Sonia Kwiatkowska decided to stay in the country and work in Polish architectural offices. Was this decision an easy one? Listen to her podcast.

Sonia Kwiatkowska

She studied in Milan and Krakow. She spent six months at Politecnico di Milano, studying design in the Anthropocene era under the guidance of Professor Stefano Boeri. While studying in Krakow, she searched for modern forms for library buildings embedded in the historical urban context. After graduating in 2018, she worked at medusa group in Bytom - a studio she calls her second home. In June 2019, she started working at a place ideal for a young, challenge-hungry architect - the design office of Kurylowicz & Associates, where she thrives on design, in the company of incredibly creative people.

scope of the podcast

Studying in Milan
Job search, internship abroad or work in Poland?
Working in medusa group
Working on your own, preparing a perfect portfolio
Working at Kurylowicz & Associates
What can a young architect offer?

From the podcast series titled: "All about work - the best offices".

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illustrations courtesy of Sonia Kwiatkowska

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