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Nikolai Zajda on internships at ZZDP, MVRDV, JAHN

10 of February '20

Welcome to the second part of the podcast with Nikolai Zajda, who talks about internships and working in the offices of ZZDP Architecten, MVRDV, JAHN and GRAS.

Mikolaj Zajda

Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at Poznań University of Technology (Master's degree defended in 2018). His work entitled Downtown Andersia, made under the supervision of Ewa Pruszewicz-Sipińska, PhD, received the Audience Award in the competition for the best diploma project of the 8th edition of the "A&B Academy". Mikolaj Zajda alreadyworked in architectural offices duringhis studies, including international studios in Poland, Spain, the Netherlands and the United States. After his defense, he worked for a year in Helmut Jahn's studio, and then moved to the Spanish GRAS studio.

scope of the podcast

Introduction of the guest
How did you get to MVRDV and what was the recruitment process like?
Work and responsibilities at MVRDV
Are you satisfied with your internship? What did you learn?
Internship and work with Helmut Jahn
What was it like working with an architect of this format?
What kind of contact did you have with him?
What was the work culture and philosophy in the office?
What was the structure of the office itself like?
Key projects while working in Chicago
Differences between working in Europe and America
Contact with architects
Current work

Further career plans

The interview was conducted by Filip Szafałowicz.

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From the podcast series titled: "All about internships - the best offices".

compiled by Dobrawa Bies

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