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8 interesting places in Gdynia

29 of January '20

In today's installment of the "Coffee Break" series, we set out for the thriving city of Gdynia - a city where something is constantly happening. Polish Film Festival, Open'er Festival, Gdynia Design Days[info], Weekend of Architecture[info], or maybe a walk along the trail of Gdynia modernism? We take you on a short journey!

Emigration Museum

The museum documenting the history of Polish emigration is located in the historic building of the former Marine Station. The building was adapted for museum functions by architects from ae fusion Studio.

Emigration Museum in Gdynia, 2011-2014, proj.: ae fusion Studio

view: Dominik Jagodziński © Emigration Museum in Gdynia

Gdynia Film Center

At Grunwaldzki Square, near the beach, architects from Arch-Decostudio designed a monolithic block of a multifunctional center for culture and film education. The edifice houses, among other things, a three-screen studio cinema, the Gdynia Film School, a café, a bookstore and an art gallery.

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Gdynia Film Center, 2013-2015, proj.: Arch-Deco

photo: Marta Szamałek

Gdynia Waterfront II

In the area within the boundaries of Waszyngtona, Hryniewickiego and Jana Pawła II streets, architects from Warsaw-based JEMS studio designed a complex of buildings as part of the Gdynia Waterfront development. As the authors of the project emphasize, the architecture of modernist provenance harmonizes with the image of the port city.

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Gdynia Waterfront II, 2017, proj.: JEMS Architekci

© JEMS Architekci

Concert shell

The modernized and expanded concert shell stands out in the space of the aforementioned Grunwaldzki Square. The authors of the project were inspired by the wooded slope of Kamienna Gora, which they referred to by introducing rhythmically arranged vertical panels on the facade of the new part of the building.

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Modernization of the band shell, 2017-2019, proj.: Łukasz Pisarek, Bartosz Kisiel, Paulina Kisiel

photo: moris_tofik


The first woonerf in the Tri-City, i.e. a separate zone to serve pedestrians, cyclists and drivers at the same time, is an investment initiated and selected by the city's residents in the Civic Budget. You can read more about this project in Ewa Karendys' article in the "City on target" series[here].

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Abraham's Woonerf, 2017-2019, proj.: A2P2 architecture & planning, NANU Architecture, Bartosz Zimny

photo: albusz

Traffic Design

Traffic Design Association is a non-governmental organization that cares about aesthetics in public space. Opposing visual and architectural blandness on the streets, they design new signs, details and murals, among other things.

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Sunny Milk Bar, 2018, proj.: Traffic Design, Syfon Studio

© Traffic Design

Central Park

Central Park - an area of three hectares on Pilsudski Avenue - was designed by architects from Arch-Deco studio. The implementation of the park project, with underground parking for about 270 cars, has been divided into three stages, with completion scheduled for the end of 2021.

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Central Park, 2018, design: Arch-Deco

photo: Michal Puszczewicz

Witold Gombrowicz City Theater

Architects from Warsaw-based studio WXCA looked for inspiration in the winning concept for the expansion and reconstruction of the theater building in the modernist character of Gdynia's buildings. You can read more about the competition in the October issue of A&B.

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Witold Gombrowicz City Theater, 2019, design: WXCA

vision: Vivid Vision

And you, what projects or realizations would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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