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9 inspiring window solutions

04 of May '20

Properly selected frames and glazing of windows in houses affect the appearance of the facade, the natural light coming into the apartments and the atmosphere we create in our interiors. Nowadays we have a whole range of options to choose from, from functional roof windows to colorful frames to large glazed balcony doors. In today's "Coffee Break" we present you with 9 inspiring solutions for windows in houses and apartments.

minimalism and austerity

In the design of a single-family house surrounded by the unusual landscape of a nature reserve area, architects from English studio RX architects opted for large windows in minimalist wooden frames that do not disturb the residents' extraordinary view.

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Druim, proj.: RX architects

photo: Richard Chivers

gentleness and simplicity

At the Swiss Concept dental clinic in Valencia designed by Francesc Rifé Studio, appropriately sized windows and glazing that introduces soft light create an intimate atmosphere that gives a sense of calm and security.

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Swiss Concept, pro: Francesc Rifé Studio

photo: David Zarzoso

cleverness and functionality

Architects from London-based Tikari Works have made clever use of the slanted roof in the multifamily residential building The Rye, introducing windows that bring light into the interiors.

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The Rye, pro: Tikari Works

© Nicola Tikari

two in one

Designers at DX Architects have taken their design a step further, combining a window with a skylight in a remodeled home in Australia.

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proj.: DX Architects

photo credit: Emily Bartlett Photography

windows all around

The house, which also serves as a hotel for guests of the surrounding vineyard and gallery, has been given a modern twist thanks to a remodel designed by Raúl Sánchez Architects, the icing on the cake being the round window.

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Gallery House, proj.: Raúl Sánchez Architects

photo: José Hevia

open - closed

The facades of a house in Afife designed by a Portuguese architect can change depending on whether and which windows homeowners open. Closed shutters transform the house into a uniform white cube, while opening any of them, on the other hand, breaks the minimalist monotony of the block. You can read more about the project here.

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House in Afife, proj.: Guilherme Machado Vaz

© Building Pictures

with seating area

The window frame can also serve as a seat, as in the Hammersmith House project by London-based Studio 30 Architects.

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Hammersmith House, pro: Studio 30 Architects

photo credit: Agnese Sanvito

permeating the space

Architects from Buero Wagner studio combined the inside with the outside through a huge panoramic rotating glass...

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Das Schwarze Haus, proj.: Buero Wagner

photo: Florian Holzherr

... like the designers from Studio KO in the realization of Villa E.

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Villa E, proj.: Studio KO

photo credit: Alicia Taylor


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