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Save the date! Economy and Health Congress is coming up

17 of April '23

Taking care of health is more than hospital preventive care and hospital stays. A holistic approach to health has been with us since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, where we saw how it affected the economy and daily life in multiple ways.

Can economic security and social health be reconciled? How do we reconcile the needs of the economy with those of health? Does health care have to be a stepping stone for successive decision-makers? These issues are the focus of the Economy and Health Congress, organized by the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), the Foundation for Economy and Public Administration (Open Eyes Economy Summit) and the city of Warsaw.

The main topics covered by speakers will include the aftermath of the pandemic, the economic consequences and, above all, the quality of life. The congress will be attended by local government officials, doctors, managers or scientists.

Megatrends such as population aging and climate change affect the health of populations and their health needs, which in turn affects public spending and the state of economies. It is imperative to face the changes taking place and prepare for the ones to come. Therefore, an expert discussion of the mistakes made in health policy, the lessons learned from them, and ways to prevent them is essential. A serious debate is needed on increasing the effectiveness of health policy, including, in particular, within the framework of public health in the broadest sense" [...]. The primary task of the public sector, in addition to its regulatory function, is the distribution of public goods and services. Efficient and effective delivery of such goods has a fundamental impact on the health of the population. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss strengthening public health measures of a preventive and preventive nature. I see a great need to raise awareness that it is cheaper to prevent something than to pay later for the consequences of omission," points out SGH rector Professor Piotr Wachowiak, host of the Economy and Health Congress

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Congress Economy and Health

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The Economy and Health Congress can be accessed at, where the broadcast of the event will also be followed. Access is free for anyone who registers for the event.

compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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