Malwina Borowiec and Karolina Chodur

We have been creating Pigalopus since 2015, operating as a multidisciplinary studio. We focus on a comprehensive approach to the project and work multidimensionally - we combine architectural concepts with graphic design, in the form of visual identity elements, communication. Our works are characterized by a unique language based on forms and color combinations. We create coherent concepts keeping in mind functionality, visual aspects and attention to subtle detail.

We offer:
comprehensive projects - creating a coherent language of visual and aesthetic communication, in terms of architecture and graphics for events, exhibitions, commercial interiors
- architectural designs - conceptual, detailed designs, author's supervision, we have architectural licenses to design without limitations
- graphic design - graphic design, visual identification of events, exhibitions, commercial interiors

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Bruk-Bet® - prestigious concrete surfaces for small and large architecture
Open a window to the world with MS more than OKNA
EUTIT - basalt floors