Elegant simplicity in a Krakow arrangement

12 of May '22

The Cracow interior design by the Pigalopus studio is characterized primarily by simplicity. Minimalist character was combined with simplicity and functionality.


© Pigalopus

The apartment is located in Wola Justowska, southwestern part of Krakow. The project was commissioned by a family with a young child. What was most important for the investors was the most functional use of space without neglecting aesthetics and coziness. The dominant elements throughout the apartment are grays and wood.

The heart of the house - the living room

On the floor they decided on a wooden parquet laid in a herringbone pattern. In the living room there is a simple gray sofa facing the TV. The furnishings are mainly a wooden bookcase for the RTV and a small shelf for books and artwork. It is worth noting the glazing, which lets a lot of light into the interior. In case of a hot day, gray thick curtains come to the rescue.

warto zwrócić uwagę na imponujący parkiet

Worth noting is the impressive parquet floor

© Pigalopus

Right next to the living room - the dining room

The dining room is not separated from the living room in any way, and has even been directly connected to it. It's a space limited to a simple wooden table, which was surrounded by black, equally simple chairs. A forest in a bottle has been placed in the center of the table.


The dining room was focused on simplicity

© Pigalopus

full of gray - the kitchen

The border of the kitchen is marked by the kitchen island, set right next to the sofa in the living room. On the floor, grey tiles with a delicate concrete character were chosen. The fronts of the kitchen cabinets are mainly a warm wood color, which contrasts with the white and gray countertops.


The kitchen is primarily wood and gray

© Pigalopus

Giraffe on the wall - children's room

The space of the children 's room strongly relates to the other interiors. First of all, a similar color tone with the use of herringbone wooden parquet flooring. The furniture is kept in a minimalist style, without unnecessary accessories and fronts. The main thing that attracts attention is the wallpaper with animals. It features a giraffe, toucan, ostrich, elephant, lemur, as well as a group of flamingos. The wallpaper catches the eye and gives character to the whole interior.

w pokoju dziecięcym zdecydowano się na tapetę ze zwierzęcami

In the children's room it was decided to use wallpaper with animals

© Pigalopus

private space - bedroom

The bedroom catches the eye primarily with the built-ins around the bed. Functionality, so important for the whole project, is evident here. Five smaller and four larger cabinets were placed above the simple bed with a gray-wood headboard. This way additional storage space was obtained.

sypialnia to przede wszystkim funkcjonalność

A bedroom is all about functionality

© Pigalopus

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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