Smell the mint, or interiors in Warsaw's Mokotow district

02 of May '22

A small apartment on Balladyny Street in Warsaw is an exceptional realization by the Pigalopus studio. The interior combines softness maintained in warm colors with vintage-style furniture and a considerable amount of greenery. How was the interior arranged?

przedpokój pełni istotną funkcje dla przechowywania rzeczy mieszkańców

The hallway plays an important function for storing the residents' belongings

Photo: Oni, © Pigalopus

No changes were made to the functional layout of the apartment. It is mainly characterized by a very long and narrow kitchen, a small toilet and a unique living room. What was most important when organizing this space?

istotnym elementem budującym wnętrze były detale i rośliny

An important element building the interior were details and plants

Photo by Oni, © Pigalopus

mint love - kitchen

The kitchen is a unique color space. Delicate mint interspersed with wood and white in the form of tiles and walls reigns here. The fronts of the kitchen cabinets and the tiles on the ground were kept in this color scheme. The kitchen, despite its narrow nature, was built in on two sides. At the very end, a small space was placed by the window, where one can sit or eat. Vintage accessories and plants are an important element. On the wall it was decided to hang platters, at the table there were two retro chairs and next to it grows decorative ivy.

kolorem dominującym w kuchni stała się mięta

The dominant color in the kitchen became mint

Photo: Oni, © Pigalopus

powder pink - toilet

An interesting color solution is the toilet, where a delicate powder pink was decided. The small space was arranged in such a way as to allow the most comfortable use of the toilet. Even in this part there is no shortage of unusual additions such as graphics on the wall or lamps in the shape of large light bulbs.

niewielka toaleta została zaaranżowana w taki sposób, by pozwolić na swobodne korzystanie

The small toilet has been arranged in such a way as to allow for easy use

Photo: Oni, © Pigalopus

The heart of the house - the living room

The heart of the house is the living room. A unique space full of greenery, vintage-style furniture and bright light. On the floor we can see a herringbone pattern. The well-lit interior is gently covered by dark pink curtains. The centerpiece is a wooden round table. Four black chairs are attached to it. Also attracting attention is a small vintage-style wooden dresser on which two succulents are growing. The graphics on the dresser are by interior designers from the Pigalopus studio - Malwina Borowiec and Karolina Chodur.

salon jest prawdziwym sercem domuq

The living room is the real heart of the house

Photo: Oni, © Pigalopus

komoda stanowi istotny element wystroju w stylu vintage

The chest of drawers is an essential element of the vintage-style decor

photo by Oni, © Pigalopus

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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