An apartment with a soul

01 of June '22

Some interiors simply have a soul. These are unique spaces, in which references to the past create an unmistakable atmosphere. Such is the apartment designed by Pigalopus studios on Dabrowskiego Street in Warsaw.

Salon Salon

The apartment was previously used as a sculpture studio

photo by Weronika Kann, © Pigalopus

The small space of the arrangement is dominated by several elements, which have been combined in a calm, delicate way. How was the space organized in a small apartment in a Warsaw modernist tenement? It refers primarily to the previous purpose of the rooms. A sculptor's studio was located here.

A living room full of flowers, art and design

The heart of the apartment is the large living room. Traditional herringbone was left on the floor, which was restored and replenished. On the walls, it is difficult to find a color other than white. The same goes for the window frames. As for the furniture, there is a marriage of old and new here. Some of it is age-old furniture with history and character, some of it is modern design that gives the space dynamism. A modern bookshelf plays exceptionally delicately next to an old chest of drawers.


You will find art and plants here

photo by Weronika Kann, © Pigalopus

This is not a minimalist interior. It has been completely dominated by two elements - plants and art. Here we can find a wide spectrum of plants from small ficus, sansevieria, cacti or zamiokulkas to majestic monstera. All flowers are accompanied by equally beautiful pots.


An important element of this interior is the variety of

photo by Weronika Kann, © Pigalopus

Added to this is art in the form of small sculptures, posters, engravings, paintings, photographs or antiques. This is the second element that completes the interior.


living room

photo by Weronika Kann, © Pigalopus

small kitchen

Right next to the room is a small kitchen, which can be classified as an annex. Here it was decided to use delicate gray-green fronts of the built-in combined with simple white. Here we can find a lot of delicate touches in the form of ceramics or flowers.

Kuchnia Kuchnia


photo by Weronika Kann, © Pigalopus

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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