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Learn about architecture from the best - free online courses from universities around the world

04 of April '20

When you've put all the puzzles together, wiped the dust off the books and are wondering what to do next, we encourage you to browse the educational offerings of the world's top universities. Professors from Harvard University, the University of Tokyo, Valencia University of Technology and Princeton teach about architecture and design. It certainly won't be boring!

Studying at foreign universities has never been so simple and affordable. All you have to do is choose a course, click and for the next few weeks, for two hours a day explore, learn and further your education. EdX 's offerings are extremely rich, and their motto is simple - make quality education more accessible to everyone, everywhere.

"Interpreting Asia's Indigenous Architecture".

Professor of Architecture David P. Y. Lung of the University of Hong Kong and Professor of Architecture Howard Davis of the University of Oregon will talk about the ways local Asian people build houses, how they live and the architecture that surrounds them.

"The Pyramids of Giza: Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt".

Everyone has learned about the history of ancient Egypt, the pyramids their purpose and secrets. Peter Der Manuelian Egyptologist from Harvard University talks about the architectural thought behind the designs of these monuments and how the building was directly related to its function. For eight weeks, you'll learn all about pharaohs, temples, sphinxes and how new technologies are unlocking their secrets.

"Cities and the Challenge of Sustainability"

In one week, Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs of Columbia University will present the basics of sustainability in architecture - its main goals, how to translate them into practice in cities, and what such a city looks like.

"Cities of the Future"

The condition of today's cities and what needs to change for them to continue to serve their function and not just be a cluster of people, bricks, metal, wood and concrete will be discussed by: Professor Herhard Schmitt of the Zurich Federal University of Technology, lecturer Reinhard König and assistant professor Dirk Hebel and Bernhard Klein of the Zurich University of Technology's Future Cities Laboratory.

"Four facts about Japan's modern architecture - technology".

Professor Kengo Kuma and Yusuke Obuchi of the University of Tokyo will introduce the topic of the role of technology in contemporary Japanese architecture. Together with other designers, they will visit the buildings they designed to discuss the ideas behind them.

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