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AthBIM - functional BIM viewer

10 of July '23

New technologies to support communication and information exchange in the construction process in Poland are set to grow. This need has become so important that Athenasoft is launching a new, free, functional tool - the AthBIM viewer. Easy to use, yet offering many possibilities, the application addresses one of the key needs of the industry - effective analysis of investment information.

BIM is currently a rapidly growing technology supporting the design and construction management process. However, advanced BIM software is quite expensive, and yet not every investment participant needs to use its full version. In practice, there is a need for solutions that, without burdening budgets, would allow access to various information about the project - documentation, models and the status of the various stages of the investment. The Polish software manufacturer Athenasoft has come out to meet these expectations, putting into the hands of engineers a new, easy-to-use and functional IFC model viewer.

The AthBIM viewer allows users to access models quickly and easily. Project teams can identify, track and resolve coordination issues in a transparent and efficient manner. Using the AthBIM viewer improves efficiency and saves time, and facilitates team collaboration and project management.

The tool is useful for all participants in the construction process: from the investor, to designers, cost estimators, contractors, supervision engineers or, finally, building administrators.

AthBIM – funkcjonalna przeglądarka BIM

AthBIM - a functional BIM viewer

© Athenasoft

What functions does the free AthBIM viewer offer?

  • It allows you to handle models made with BIM technology saved in IFC format - the data can be analyzed on the 3D view and in available panels showing the structure, types or list of objects.

  • A large palette of measurement tools allows you to check the dimensions of objects and compare them with the data stored in the model.

  • Provides reading of notes saved in BCF and BCF-zip format, which guarantees ease of information exchange for everyone

  • Comparing two versions of the model makes it easier to analyze changes made and eliminate potential errors. Filters improve access to the corrected parts of the project.

  • The ability to change the color of objects containing a specific property improves their presentation in panels and on the 3D view.

  • The 3D model cut mechanism provides access to hidden objects in the model and allows you to obtain any section.

  • All elements of an object can be viewed in a single view, making it easy to find the information you need and filter by it.

Access to the software is free - the AthBIM viewer can be installed on a computer or laptop after downloading from

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