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EYE ANGLE. Lodz University of Technology students launch new series

Dobrawa Bies
21 of May '21

Welcome to Angle of the Eye, a new series of events around architecture, hosted by students of the Technical University of Lodz, members of the Angle Scientific Circle. Through podcasts, videos and many other events, the students want to bring topics from the world of art, graphic design and architecture to the public.

Angle of theEye is a series of events around architecture, touching on the invisible, what escapes in everyday life.

We are looking for influences and relationships between what we don't notice, but what strongly affects the environment, people and processes in society, say students of the Technical University of Lodz.

Angle of the Eye has its own channel on YouTube

© Student Scientific Circle Angle

what is angle?

They are architecture students who have created their own organization operating at the Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Technical University of Lodz for more than twelve years.

We are interested in design and our activities in the circle are related to this. We learn by inviting specialists in the fields of architecture, design, drawing and visualization to the university. We organize lectures, workshops and open-air workshops. We care about the relaxed atmosphere of such meetings - we try to ensure that students can fearlessly talk to famous designers and ask the most burning questions. Our circle is for committed students who care about something more than the standard program of study," say members of the circle.

In addition to their academic activities, the students also try to take a break from studying and create a place at the university for less formal meetings, where they can discuss more than just architecture. They meet at movie nights and go on trips together.

Animacja Kątem Oka Kątem Oka

© Student Scientific Circle Angle

Angle of the Eye, a new online series

This year, due to the pandemic situation, the students decided to organize a series of new online events called Angle of the Eye, which aim to introduce others to architecture and art. As part of their online activities, they created a number of interesting podcasts, playlists and social media posts.

The authors' unusual approach to choosing podcast topics is a well-thought-out concept, and the choice of guests itself is not random. The invited participants are people from different fields whose work and philosophy are of great importance on the scale of the surrounding space. Students hold discussions on the changes taking place and the forgotten or underestimated functions of architecture. Meetings address sound, public participation or the impact of colors and materials on human perception. Angle of the Eye also discusses women in contemporary design and the scale and role of greenery.

So far in the podcast series we have been able to listen to conversations with: Dr. Andrzej Kossak and Olga Drenda. Meanwhile, musical inspirations were discussed by Jakub Szczęsny, Daniel Libeskind and OVO Grąbczewscy on the instagram profile of the Angle Study Circle.

More information about Angle can be found on their website.

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