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Coterie. Acoustic panels inspired by fava beans (crisp)

Dobrawa Bies
13 of April '21

Distinctive acoustic panels that can decorate a space? Meet the Coterie collections by Anna Spakowska. Inspired by the shape of a brushwood - a traditional Polish delicacy, the designer, in cooperation with the American company Carnegie Fabrics, created a series of suspended panels made of wool felt, which will work well in both private and public interiors.

The Coterie collection consists of three unique designs, also available with embroidery. Each pattern comes in nine colors carefully selected by the author. Made of Italian felt, they perfectly absorb noise. The word coterie in English means a close-knit group united by a common goal, and so the panels can be freely combined and arranged in a space, taking care of the acoustics.

Panele Coterie

The acoustic panels are made of Italian felt

Photo: courtesy of Carnegie Fabrics © Anna Spakowska

Dobrawa Bies: How did the idea for such unusual soundproofing panels come about?

Anna Spakowska: I have always been interested in the three-dimensionality that can be created from any material. The specific form of the panels is a continuation of my previous projects in search of this three-dimensionality. Many years of experience working with the material felt enabled me to create a form that is both visually appealing and suitable for large-scale production. On the other hand, the direct inspiration for the Coterie collection was a traditional Polish delicacy, typical during the carnival season, which is chrust or so-called faworki, depending on which part of Poland you live in.

Kolekcja Coterie,
praca nad panelami

The shape of the panels was inspired by chrust

Photo: courtesy of Carnegie Fabrics © Anna Spakowska

Dobrawa: How was the cooperation with Carnegie Fabrics, did you have a free hand when it came to the design process?

Anna Spakowska: The project was created before I met Carnegie Fabrics, also the form of the panel was already established. On the other hand, what had to be defined was the method of attachment, size, colors, name and the whole production process, i.e. finding the right subcontractors. The cooperation with Carnegie Fabrics was very successful. We had a common goal to create something unique, and I know that each party was fully involved in the process. Even before the pandemic, I was able to visit the company, at its headquarters in New York, and I can certainly say that this is an exceptional company with which I would be happy to do another project in the future.

Szkice paneli Coterie

The acoustic panels are available in several designs

il: courtesy of Carnegie Fabrics © Anna Spakowska

Dobrawa: Why such a selection of colors? How do the panels "work" and what applications can they have?

Anna Spakowska: The size of the panels (120 cm by 300 cm) was important in the selection of colors. Having this awareness that it will be a prominent element in the space, we wanted the colors to blend harmoniously into the interior. The collection is available in nine colors, both classic, elegant grays and more daring, intense colors. We wanted the customer to have a wide range of choices and be able to find the right panel for their interior. Coterie panels have soundproofing properties and thus effectively improve room acoustics. This is due to both the material, wool felt, which absorbs sounds, and the shape of the panels - a three-dimensional form that disperses sound waves, thus reducing reverberation.

Praca projektowa

Wool felt and the three-dimensional form absorb and disperse sound well

Photo: courtesy of Carnegie Fabrics © Anna Spakowska

Dobrawa: For whom was Coterie created? Do you think good design can help change the lives of its recipients?

Anna Spakowska: The panels were designed to be attractive from both sides, so they are attached to the ceiling. This gives the possibility to use them as so-called space dividers, i.e. elements that divide the interior into smaller, more intimate spaces. Carnegie Fabrics prides itself on products for both private interiors and public spaces such as offices, hotels and restaurants, where durability and practicality are a priority. Coterie panels are just such a product, both elegant and functional.

Panele coterie
w wersji szarej

The collection is also available in muted grays

Photo: courtesy of Carnegie Fabrics © Anna Spakowska

Good design, in my definition, is not only practical, but beautiful at the same time, and it is this kind of design that changes the quality of our lives for the better. Probably each of us has had the experience that being in a space that is beautiful, functional, with excellent acoustics we work better, relax and spend time with family or friends.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview!

Anna Spakowska has been using wool felt in her projects for more than six years, also from it she created a collection of unusual noise-reducing lamps THE VIRTUOSO.

Dobrawa Bies

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