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Apartment full of botanical motifs, Polish design and moss

14 of April '21

The apartment with botanical motifs designed by Arkadiusz Grzędzicki is located in Gdansk at the new Botanica Jelitkowo development, which was created based on the idea of a garden city. It was the carefully composed vegetation harmonizing with the surroundings that inspired the design of this apartment for rent.

The 44-square-meter apartment was designed turnkey and, interestingly enough, completely remotely. The investors approached Arkadiusz Grzędzicki with specific requirements. They wanted an original apartment, distinctive and memorable for guests. Eco-friendly solutions and top-quality materials were also important to them.

Salon połączony
z kuchnią Zielona kanapa w salonie

On the kitchen cabinets the architect placed mirrors, and on the ceiling moss

Photo: Olga Kharina, XO photo © Arkadiusz Grzędzicki Interior Design

polish design

The interior of the apartment is full of Polish design. The architect introduced designs by Oskar Zięta, Tabanda, Marta Krupińska.

I really like Polish design, I am its ambassador. By using Polish brands in projects, I show my investors and their guests that it is worth betting on native products. They are of good quality, usually made of natural materials. Increasingly, we see that Polish designers place great emphasis on detail, functionality, durability of their designs. This has changed over the years. There really is a lot to choose from, behind each product is the story of the designer, his inspiration and the whole very interesting design process. This is very close to my heart," adds Arkadiusz Grzędzicki.

w gdańskim apartamencie Sufit z mchu

A characteristic element of the showroom is the ceiling with moss and black slats

Photo: Olga Kharina, XO photo © Arkadiusz Grzędzicki Interior Design

moss ceiling

Crossing the threshold of the apartment, one's attention is drawn to the structural plaster on the walls of the hallway, the hanging guitars and the classic Zięta Prozessdesign hangers. The apartment's living area forms a spacious, worldly living room connected to the kitchen. Here the inspiration of the vegetation surrounding the apartment is most evident. The walls of the living room are decorated with stylish stuccowork made of polyurethane slats. Composing with them is an emerald velour sofa, a pouffe and a wooden Cheval table. The highlight of this area is the ceiling, which is lined with a mossy weed and black laminate slats. Meanwhile, the natural wood-colored floor makes the space feel warm and cozy.

Zabudowa kuchenna
z lustrami Wnętrze sypialni

The apartment is full of natural light, which is reflected in numerous mirrors

Photo: Olga Kharina, XO photo © Arkadiusz Grzędzicki Interior Design

mirrored reflections

Despite its small size, the kitchenette is functional. An interesting solution was the use of mirrors on the fronts of the upper cabinets. They reflect nature outside the window and daylight and optically enlarge the living room. The anthracite wall and countertop of the kitchen area corresponds with the gray fronts of the kitchen columns reaching the ceiling, hiding the refrigerator and a capacious, convenient cabinet.

Wnętrze sypialni
gdańskiego apartamentu

Bedroom with cloud wallpaper

Photo: Olga Kharina, XO photo © Arkadiusz Grzędzicki Interior Design

sleep among the clouds

The bedroom is combined with a work space. The room, kept in light tones, is distinguished by a luxurious wallpaper by English manufactory Cole & Son placed on the ceiling. The original pattern of clouds promotes rest and relaxation. The Nature bedroom furniture set was designed by the Tabanda group from Tricity.

z zielonymi meblami Prysznic z graficzną

The bathroom is accented by green furniture

Photo: Olga Kharina, XO photo © Arkadiusz Grzędzicki Interior Design

color accent

The interior of the bathroom differs from typical designs, it is distinguished by green furniture and a unique ash washbasin. To it, the architect matched a faucet with a wooden element and a stool placed in the shower area. Another decorative element is a large-format wall graphic depicting tropical flora.

The designer and modern Botanica apartment was designed for vacation rentals.

I like this project. During its realization I met very nice and warm investors, with whom I still keep in touch. Thanks to their great trust, I created a project that was tailor-made for guests who want to spend time by the sea," concludes Arkadiusz Grzędzicki.

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

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