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Boho style house. Interiors by Balicka Design

Dobrawa Bies
16 of April '21

The semi-detached building, located in an intimate neighborhood far from the hustle and bustle of Wroclaw, turned out to be ideal for the young couple. The bright, spacious 160-square-meter house with lots of glass perfectly met the couple's requirements. What was needed, however, was an interior design. This is where Agnieszka Balicka of Balicka Design stepped in, creating a cozy space maintained in a simple, austere style with a hint of boho and the warmth of natural wood.

In response to her clients' expectations, Agnieszka Balicka proposed an eclectic interior design. Elegant stone and flooring laid in a classic herringbone pattern are characteristic elements of the apartment. A bright and spacious living room connected to a dining room with rattan chairs is a space where one can spend time together. Meanwhile, visual harmony in the kitchen was achieved by juxtaposing light-colored appliances such as the refrigerator and oven with classic white fronts and raw wood shelves.

Salon w stylu

The interiors are dominated by bright colors and boho-style elements

© Balicka Design

On the first floor of the house there is a bedroom in calm colors in earth tones. Here, classic elements such as the mirror are subtly combined along with boho-style accents. Two bathrooms are kept in light tones with golden elements. In the smaller one, the architect placed an original custom-made mosaic. The second bathroom, on the other hand, is characterized by simplicity, but not without elegance. Another important room in the house is the children's room made in a minimalist style. Here, too, we find references to the boho style - a swing, a colorful canopy suspended over the bed.

Pokój dziecka

The characteristic elements of the child's room are the swing and the canopy over the bed

© Balicka Design

On the first floor there is also a study with a more formal character, which is enhanced by loft furniture and industrial cabinets and bookcases. Rattan finishes on the fronts of the cabinets in the vestibule, in the headboard of the bed in the bedroom, chairs and lamps, as well as other boho accents and stucco appear in almost every room, giving a coherent character to the entire interior.

Rzut parteru
mieszkania Rzut piętra domu we

The house is 160 square meters in size

© Balicka Design

Dobrawa Bies: What were the assumptions and design inspirations?

Agnieszka Balicka: The main assumption was to create a bright, warm space for the family, a space that combines the classic character that can be found in the townhouses in Wrocław's market square with strong loft elements broken with wood.

Dobrawa: What did the investors expect? Did the design cooperation go easily?

Agnieszka Balicka: The wow effect :) I was fortunate that the clients placed a lot of trust in me and were very open to the solutions I presented to them.

w loftowym stylu Sypialnia na piętrze

The study is kept in loft style, while the bedroom is a combination of classic and boho

© Balicka Design

Dobrawa: The apartment is dominated by natural colors, ethnic elements and golden accents combining into a boho style. Where did this design decision come from?

Agnieszka Balicka: I very much dislike locking myself into one style. Mixing styles, textures, materials and forms allows you to create a unique, inimitable space that perfectly harmonizes with its inhabitants. This is exactly the kind of projects we create at Balicka Design.

Rattanowe elementy wystroju Łazienka ze złotymi

Rattan finishes and gold accents create an eclectic character of the interiors

© Balicka Design

Dobrawa: How do you arrange your apartment space wisely to maintain visual consistency?

Agnieszka Balicka: You should start by analyzing the needs of the people who will inhabit the space. You need to take into account their expectations, inspirations, aesthetic preferences and the color scheme that is appropriate for them. Then, from the individual elements, you need to create a base that will be the basis for the different yet consistent combinations that appear throughout the project.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.


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