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Designers_ci for Ukraine

28 of February '22

The National Institute of Architecture and Urbanism, in cooperation with the Warsaw Branch of SARP and the Institute of Design in Kielce, is building a database of companies in the creative industries that offer job assistance to those affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The forms of assistance sought include:

  • long-term work - for those planning to stay in Poland,

  • casual work - for those in need of support and financial stability during their stay in Poland,

  • assistance for students - paid internships,

  • remote work - for those who are unwilling or unable to leave Ukraine and have lost their place of employment.

The information collected in the form will be used to build a database, available on the website. The information will be distributed to institutions, organizations, offices and individuals in Ukraine - in Polish, English and Ukrainian.

NIAiU will direct those seeking help to specific studios or regional branches of SARP, IARP, Institute of Design in Kielce. We are looking for help for people with different educational backgrounds, doing different professions related to architecture (not only architectural design), design, graphic design, furniture design, culture, etc.

At the same time, we are collecting information about people seeking support. We will soon provide a website in Ukrainian.


Additional information on the initiative:

Instructions for submitting a statement of assignment of work, documents for entities offering work to foreigners:

Organizers: National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning, Association of Polish Architects Warsaw Branch, Institute of Design in Kielce

Kacper Kępiński

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