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Discreet charm of black matte

09 of February '23

Black matte intrigues with its depth of color and brings theatrical mystery to the interior. It is an insanely fashionable type of finish that is conquering contemporary kitchens. It is modern and as versatile as shiny chrome or brushed steel. How to introduce it into the kitchen?

Okap kuchenny Tube Plus

Tube Plus cooker hood

© Franke

- In recent years, matte textures have supplanted the gloss that reigned in the kitchen for decades. The color scheme in this room has also changed. Today it is dominated by earthy colors, including a gray palette, leading us through anthracite to black. It is worth accentuating the latter with appliances maintained in black matte," comments Katarzyna Niezabitowska-Baj, Franke expert.

Okap kuchenny podszafkowy Box Flush Evo FBFE

Box Flush Evo FBFE under-counter cooker hood

© Franke

Black total look

It's worth betting on matte black when decorating the dishwashing area. It is true that the faucet and sink are said to be a kitchen duo... but only matte black binds them together in an elegant, harmonious way. To achieve this effect in the kitchen, it is worth reaching for Franke proposals. These include the new Maris sinks with extra-large bowls or the Antea, Urban, Bliss and Basis models. All are made of durable and easy-to-clean Fragranite, in black matte. Their details are also finished in the same way - the overflow and drain bezels, and even the automatic stopper button. As a result, the sink has a uniform, extremely modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance. We will intensify it by matching it with a matte-black kitchen faucet. Several models finished in black steel will work well in this role. These include the Active series with a straight or curved spout, as well as the practical Lift and Pescara faucets, and the latest Icon faucet with a sophisticated designer form.

Okap kuchenny Smart Deco

Smart Deco cooker hood

© Franke

Black accents

With fashionable matte textures of kitchen furniture, Franke's matte black hood will compose perfectly. Above the kitchen island, the Tube or Smart Suspended model, which resembles a decorative lamp, will be ideal. For small kitchens or minimalist built-ins, Box Flush under-cabinet hoods with a panel in black matte, which is almost invisible, are a great solution. The popular Smart Deco and Trendline wall hoods are also available in this type of finish. Those with black or anthracite countertops will be pleased to know that Maris and Trendline gas cooktops are also available in black matte. A uniform, elegant aesthetic effect guaranteed!

Black matte is a fashionable type of finish in the kitchen. It can be combined with many other popular materials, such as wood, lacquer or metal. It will create intriguing contrasts with them.

Czarny mat w strefie zmywania: zlewozmywak Maris, bateria z linii Active

Black matte in the washing area: Maris sink, Active line faucet

© Franke

Zlewozmywak Maris, bateria z linii Active w wersji z ruchomą wylewką i funkcją prysznica

Maris sink, faucet from the Active line in the version with a movable spout and shower function.

© Franke

 Bateria Active, zlewozmywak Maris

Active faucet, Maris sink

© Franke

Okap wyspowy Smart Suspended

Smart Suspended island hood

© Franke

For more information, visit the company's Franke Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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