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Ruukki® Primo composite facades - perfection and elegance in large format

30 of March '22

Ruukki® Primo cladding system

Facades in bustling city centers are modern, flashy and glamorous. Ruukki is perfectly in line with this trend with the Ruukki® Primo cladding system. Extra-large, smooth aluminum composite panels, horizontal or vertical installation, unique combinations of elements - all these give a facade a whole new dimension and level of elegance.

Thealuminum composite panels are designed primarily for public buildings, hotels, office buildings and commercial buildings. The maximum width or height of Primo Skyline panels is 4 m, depending on the direction of installation, but it is also possible to make panels as large as 6 m. Primo Skyline's delivery includes all the components needed for the facade cladding, from panels to fasteners.

Since the joint width of Primo Skyline panels is not standardized, designers can choose it themselves. Easier maintenance of the façade was taken into account already at the product development stage - special slanted edges of the panels in the joints were designed to prevent the accumulation of water and dirt. Ruukki has filed a patent application for this solution. With properly selected joint widths, the panels can be easily replaced if they become damaged, for example.

The Ruukki® Primo cladding system has received a positive opinion from the ITB regarding the cladding's non-falling in the event of a fire for 120 minutes. This is the highest level of safety that can be provided - Primo panels are suitable for all types of buildings, from low-rise to high-rise, in all fire classes.

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