Architects' favorite products in 2022

01 of February '23

The beginning of the year is a time for reflection and planning for the future. As every year during this period, we prepare an analysis of interior trends. This time, we decided to talk about them through the prism of what designs were most often reached for by architects cooperating with the Pufa Design showroom.

We present 10 top products, the design of which has been appreciated by architects and investors and has become an element of contemporary Polish interiors. All of them are connected by great aesthetic potential, high quality, which can be seen in the refined design, combining many stylistic contexts reinterpreted, but also hidden in carefully selected materials, certificates and guarantees. Because in 2022, architects were looking for responsible design.

Lamps that attract professionals

The 2022 lamp most often chosen by architects was Asteria (Umage). Architects were eager to hang it above the dining room table or over the kitchen island. Its simple form harmonizes with intense color, with as many as 9 shades to choose from. The choice of Asteria proves that there is more and more color in Polish interiors, and the trend for vivid accessories is developing.

lampa Asteria, Umage

Asteria lamp, Umage

© Pufa Design

The Arigato 45 ceiling lamp is the quintessential example of minimalism that meets Japanese aesthetics and expressive power on its way. This trend has been around for several years and is still relevant. The distinctive Arigato (Studio Group) lamps with long, broken arms have been a popular choice for functional lighting for several years, but in 2022 architects reached more often for their new model, which features a larger shade.

lampy sufitowe Arigato, Grupa Studio

Arigato ceiling lamps, Studio Group

© Pufa Design

Wabi-sabi is a style that has settled in the minds of many creative interior designers, and our architects have also been eager to reach for it. If only by choosing the Strand collection of pendant lamps in several different shapes and sizes. Benjamin Hubert combined Japanese style with a modern approach to design, because the lampshades, although created from the modern material polymer cocoon resemble in form traditional Japanese lanterns.

kolekcja lamp Strand, Muuto

Strand lamp collection, Muuto

© Pufa Design

The inspiration of nature was reflected in the Hashira lamp collection (Menu). Light in expression, the lighting was chosen by architects for interior designs of cafes and restaurants. Hashira's linen fabric is stretched over a steel structure, which strongly refers to the retro style. The well-known Norm Architects studio is responsible for the design of the collection. Natural materials and retro style are trends seen in many arrangements.

lampa z lnu Hashira

Hashira linen lamp

© Pufa Design

In addition to nature in design, our architects were also looking for unconventional forms of lighting, which with their innovative form would refer to contemporary sculptures. The answer to such needs was the collection of lamps Tense by Danish brand New Works. With a very sculptural character.

Furniture and accessories that attract professionals

The most versatile and popular chair chosen by architects in 2022 was the SM825 model. It was appreciated, not only for its comfort, but for its craftsmanship perfection and its sustainable origin. Skovby chairs are made from FSC-certified wood in a family-owned factory in Denmark, which has specialized in creating wooden furniture for more than 80 years.

krzesła SM825, Skovby

SM825 chairs, Skovby

© Pufa Design

In contrast, the distinctive Audacious (Umage) bedside tables-nightstands are distinguished by a fabric louvre that wraps around the oval shape of the furniture. It is through this soft finish that Audacious were chosen for bedroom designs. Cozy in expression, but still elegant. In addition, they are practical, as they hide a USB hub that allows you to charge 5 devices at the same time.

In 2022, architects, together with investors, chose the most popular round tables. The SM33 model (Skovby), in addition to its round shape, which is in line with current trends, is equipped with a patented unfolding system (from 123 cm to 149 cm). Architects appreciated in this furniture the function, sustainable origin and more than 12 color and material variants of the table.

stół okrągły rozkładany SM33, Skovby

SM33 round folding table, Skovby

© Pufa Design

Our review also included two types of rugs that complement the table and chairs set. Swedish simplicity in a functional way, that's how you can describe Pappelin's indoor and outdoor rugs concept. In 2022, interior designers were keen on the Edit model, a minimalist design finished with a subtle metallic sheen in muted natural tones.

dywan Edit, Pappelina

Edit rug, Pappelina

© Pufa Design

Especially architects who love the sea and finish seaside apartments liked the Pebble rug (Muuto). Specially woven New Zealand wool and jute creates a texture reminiscent of a beach covered with pebbles. The exclusive Scandinavian design was developed by Margrethe Odgaard.

For more information, visit the company's Pufa Design page on the A&B portal.

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